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Chris Coulson April 19th, 2011 04:08 AM

Flourescent spotlight? can you get them?
I'm looking to buy something for a small UK video club, so we don't have a huge budget, maybe 3-400 or $700?

We already have a variety of flourescent softbox type lights, and we're looking to give the guys some more creativity with lighting.

We thought about something more focussed, so we could light a person in a room, without lighting the rest of the room. Maybe like a redhead with barn doors?
Maybe a little like Mastermind (do you get that in the USA?)

However, I'm wondering if the days of Redheads are limited now, with heat etc, so is there a flourescent alternative that we can use? or can you buy add-on egg crates/honeycomb for softboxes?

Any other ideas/suggestions? or should we just go with a redhead and a dimmer or something?

I've been looking on this forum for an hour or so, and found nothing, but I'm a bit worried about getting the "if you're spending less than $2000 its a waste of time, you'll get green spikes etc" :-)
These are lights that will give people who can't afford ANY lights the opportunity to use some to see how it all works and what a difference it makes.

Gary Nattrass April 19th, 2011 01:22 PM

Re: Flourescent spotlight? can you get them?
Hi you can get 250w bubbles to go in redheads or get some smaller tungsten lights such as the 300/500w fresnels on e-bay.

A fresnel is the best way to get a concentrated light source at low cost and you could get two of the chinese ones off e-bay for your budget.

I think for a club having a mixture of lights would be better for flexibility but I doubt that you will get a spot or more focussed fluro/led for your budget.

I also have a couple of sachtler 1k fresnels that are flight cased that I may consider selling for around 350 so PM me if you wish to discuss more.

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