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Dave Wagner February 14th, 2003 06:46 PM

Lighting Techniques
What suggestions might anyone have regarding lighting techniques, methods, etc. for event videography? I don't like most camera-mounted video lights because unless you can dial them down, people squint, put their hand up to cover their eyes, etc. Sometimes you need to bump up the light a little, but you really can't walk over to the wall and flip on a light switch. What have you tried that works for you? I'd appreciate any feedback!


Don Bloom February 14th, 2003 07:52 PM

The only thing I know how to do for run and gun events, weddings or otherwise is an on camera lite. I use a 50W Bescor, usually diffused down to about 20W and I made a bracket a long time ago to bring the lite a little higher up and off to left side. People should learn to light the venues better as over the years they seem to have gotten darker therefore, more light from me!
I'm not about to bring in a bunch of lighting to light up a reception. 1st, the B/G would't want it 2nd, they couldn't afford it and 3rd, I would want it. I work hard enough at a wedding or other social type event, no sense in makeing more work than I need to.
BTW even at 50W (pretty bight in a dark room) I only get the OCCASSIONAL hand over the eyes or squint. Most of the time it really doesn't seem to bother people.

Marius Svendsen February 15th, 2003 02:03 PM

I film alot of skateboarders and at night if im out filming on a set of staris with them I use a worklight station, it's this tripod with 2x500watt lights, I can turn and twist them they way I want so the light don't get to bright, I also use a vx2000 which ic fantastic in dark so when usng the light Im able to film at a high shutter without to much exposure. Other then that I now bought the sony 10/20 on-camera light, works ok, but eats the np-960 battery fast. That's basicly all i do with lights at this stage....

I can see if I can post a clip later sometime...

Mike Rehmus February 16th, 2003 01:15 PM

I use a NRG VarilLight pro with a Photoflex Actiondome ENG that really works well. It does several good things:

1. The NRG mount takes it above the camera by a fair amount so that there is at least some modeling on faces from the light when close.

2. I can turn the light down with the variable control to lessen the brightness in closeups yet crank it up for the longer scenes.

3. The Photoflex softens the light and makes it a whole lot less glaring.

4. The Photoflex front cover pops off so when I need the full amount of light without any diffusion, it is available.

The downside is the heavy battery belt necessary for the light.

I'm pretty close to purchasing one of the Frezzi HMI mini-lights that will run several hours off one NP-1B battery or directly off the camera battery if you have the connector on your camera.

About the size of a small frozen orange juice can, it is feather light while putting out daylight-balanced illumination (swing-in filter available for incandescent balance.)

David Mintzer February 16th, 2003 10:08 PM

I use the Frezzi eng light with a softbox---works real nice and the one I have is adjustable from 10-100 watts.

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