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Mike Barber August 30th, 2006 10:16 PM

Have any lighting suggestions for club/bar interviews?
I'm in a bit of a pinch... I'm completely in the dark about how to gauge my lighting needs (so to speak). I just landed a "last minute" gig shooting some interviews at a bar tomorrow night. I am not prepared as far as lighting goes, and need to grab something that will do a decent job. I am also strapped for cash (same old story), which makes the job of balancing performance and affordability (typically equally proportional qualities).

What is it that I should be looking for in a light for this kind of environment? Is a 10- or 15-watt LED going to do the job? (Sounds rather low to me, but what do I know? That's why I'm asking questions.)

I am currently considering either

• Sima SL-10L -- a 10-watt illumination LED; "will run for a long time" according to B&H, whatever "a long time means" :-p

• Sunpak RL-20 -- a 15-watt LED; provides "up to 17 minutes of run time" according to B&H, which doesn't sound very useful!

I'll be using this on a Canon GL2. Is the Canon VL-3 even worth considering at only 3-watts (and for $50! The other run less than $40 in my area)?

I am trying to stay under $50 for now, until i can save up and get a real light. :-p

Ralph Keyser September 7th, 2006 10:05 AM


How did this turn out? What did you end up doing, and what did you learn?

Mike Barber September 18th, 2006 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by Ralph Keyser
How did this turn out? What did you end up doing, and what did you learn?

I learned that the $30 SIMA light is a P.O.S. and that I really need to invest in a "real" light. ;-p

The end product from the shoot is here:

The best lighting was from the available light on the sidewalk and in the DJ booth. For the dancefloor, I had to boost things in post which added mucho grain... I tried to make it look intentional (like i was styling it that way)... the client loved it, which is what really matters...

So, the search for a good light (that I can afford) continues... it is so chicken-and-the-egg... I need better audio and light gear, but I need $$$ to afford it, which requires more gigs, which requires better gear, which requires more $$$... :-p

Tom Tanquary September 18th, 2006 10:07 PM


Not a bad piece at all. I think the grainy stuff worked as "affected" video.

Shooting in a club will always be difficult if you can't go in and prelight the whole thing. 2 tricks I've used with some success over the years - one is to get a battery powered light on a closed light stand, extend the stand so it's about 8 feet in the air (light on a pole) and have the producer (or some one) just walk around with it pointing the light at the dancers. But you aren't under that light, you'd try to always be shooting across the light path (right angle to the where the light is pointed) or even shooting into the light. People forget about the camera and pay attention to the light. You can get some creatively lit shots and some very candid moments as well.

The other is to use a regular a/c light on a stand and set up a little light pool off to the side somewhere. Turn it into a little talent show asking dancers to "show their stuff" for the camera. Cheesy, but it works. I've also taken an LED flashlight and just waved it around with my left hand while shooting on the dance floor. It looks like a club effects light.

No idea is too dumb to try at least once.


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