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Mark Chafe September 15th, 2015 03:43 AM

NIPROS - ST7 (Sony EX3 Support)
Hi Everyone,

A few months ago I purchased a NIPROS -ST7 for my Sony PMW-EX3. It is a great little adapter and makes it much better for shoulder mount and I love being able to use the standard V-Mount batteries.

The only issue with it that I have is that the camera wont stop sliding left and right on the adapter. It is screwed as tight as possible, however there is still a lot of play on the camera so that it can move left and right. Has anyone else had this issue or similar?

I am using an EX3 with the original tripod plate on the bottom of the camera and not a re-enforced one that some companies sell. Could this be the problem? Otherwise this is a great piece of equipment but I am constantly fiddling with it. Just wondering if others have similar issues and if they have been able to correct them.


Andy Wilkinson September 15th, 2015 03:57 AM

Re: NIPROS - ST7 (Sony EX3 Support)
I don't have experience of your specific shoulder mount kit (and I no longer have my EX3 either) but for sure the original EX3 mounting point was a big weakness with the camera. Many got "ripped out" during use and abuse from what I've read over the years. The rounded bottom and single screw attachment point were major design flaws from a company that should have known better!

Early on I bought a DM Accessories plate for mine (the simple, 2-part one, in black anodised aluminium). It was great - but you loose the ability to extend the shoulder pad (which did not bother me - and since you now have a better shoulder mount option I doubt it will bother you either). I think you might be asking for trouble and risk damaging the EX if you carry on trying to tighten the screw on your current mounting set-up. Just saying...

Mark Chafe October 8th, 2015 08:31 PM

Re: NIPROS - ST7 (Sony EX3 Support)
Another issue I have noticed (at least with my unit) is when the camera is attached to the st-7 and it is locked on a tripod with a VCT-14 plate, the camera is not level. I adjust the tripod head to be level, but in the camera it is visibly not level and I have to level by eye. One thing I will make note is that I purchased the ST-7 used. Maybe the unit is damaged however it does not look to be.

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