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Randy Johnson May 10th, 2019 03:37 PM

Sony HXR-NX 80
So I am in the market for a new camera I do wedding mostly. I have a FDR-AX 100 among other cameras. I like and was looking at the NX 80 but one of my beefs is that its too small and a bit cumbersome to work with.
how does the HXR-NX5R (I know its HD only) or the PXW-Z150? They look a little beefier but are they as good as the NX80? I know the NX 80 is supposed to have great auto focus and low light does that migrate up to the other models?


Cliff Totten May 11th, 2019 02:35 PM

Re: Sony HXR-NX 80
I own the Z150 and NX80 and use them together. I can tell you they both look cleaner and appear to resolve more 4k detail than the NX70. The older NX70 was based on the original 4k Handycam AX100 and uses Sony's original 4k video 20mp 1inch-type sensor. The Z150 and NX80 use newer generation chips with the NX80 having phase detect photosites on board and are fully stacked BSI chips.

The Z150 has identical performing optics to the NX80 but has three rings instead of one. You will be stuck with "fly by wire" rings as none of them are truely mechanical y geared....this ruins much of the "3 ring" fun for me.

The NX80 and Z150 have the exact same image quality. They both have high dynamic range HLG modes but the cheaper NX80 was allowed to have SLog-2/3 but the Z150 was denied this. (NX80's SLog-2 is "OK" but stay far,... FAR away from SLog-3)

They are both almost exactly the same camera in many ways but the NX80 has superb phase-detect AF that the Z150 doesn't have. The Z150 has an audio limiter function that the NX80 doesnt have.

My NX80 has 4x more hours on the meter than my Z150. It's just so easy to pack and go. But yes, the Z150 does look more "impressive" to customers on jobs.


Randy Johnson May 12th, 2019 09:24 PM

Re: Sony HXR-NX 80
Awesome review defiantly sounds like your the man to talk to. I have to think it over. The Autofocus is really important to me as my AX100 has lost focus at some bad times. but the as much my AX100 is easy to grab and go its so small its almost cumbersome I have the XLM2 in it and theres no way to grab it. Maybe the 80 is better than that because its XLR adapter is built in with an handle.

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