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Miles Stowey January 31st, 2015 07:45 AM

XLR-K1M Problem on Sony A7s
I'm using the Sony XLR-K1M adapter on my A7s, and for the most part it's been great but it's not without its problems. I would like to ascertain if the problems I'm experiencing are down to the device I have or more widespread.

I'm no audio engineer so you'll have to excuse some of my terminology but using certain microphone configurations, I get what I would describe as 'crosstalk' between channels.

Using a radio mic going into input 1 (channel 1) of the K1M, and a hard wired lapel mic with phantom power on input 2 (channel 2), I can hear what sounds like a quiet but over-attenuated signal of input 1 on channel 2. A colleague has suggested input 2 is some how picking up some of the radio mic signal. On channel 1 I do not hear any crosstalk from input 2.

In another situation using two radio mics going into each channel, I have not had any of these crosstalk issues.

If I have no input on input 2 and set input 1 to record to both channel 1 and 2, I do not get crosstalk issues.

If I have no input on input 2 and set input 1 to only record to channel 1, I can hear the crosstalk on channel 2. You can hear an example of what channel 2 sounds like in this case here:


Has anyone else experienced this, or know what could be the cause?

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