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Ryan Douthit May 20th, 2015 09:41 PM

Nikkor to Sony E Adaptors - Vello Report
This year I had to add a Nikon kit for a specific photography project. So I've been building a decent set of lenses with a D810. (Very nice camera, btw.)

Just today I finally added a Nikon adaptor for my Sony A7S. I've been using A-Mount Tamron SP 2.8's, which are great, but I plan to standardize on one set of lenses for both cameras (with the exception of some native FEs) and at this point I don't see any reason to keep an investment in A-Mount glass. (The Tamron's will be hitting eBay soon.)

Anyhow, I picked up the Vello Nikon G to FE adaptor from B+H. It was relatively cheap, but rated higher than the more expensive models. After playing with it today, it seems like it will work great. Build is very solid and it has a clickless aperture ring to adjust the lenses (the adaptor isn't powered.) I've never used Auto Focus with my Tamrons, so operationally, there will not be a difference (other than a clickless aperture -- which is worth repeating.) It also fits snug (but not too tight) on both the lens and camera sides. I tested fit with the Nikkor f/2.8 70-200, f/4 16-35 and f/1.4 50mm.

TL;DR - Vello is a great Nikon G to FE option. Cheap too.

Roger Martin May 31st, 2015 09:55 PM

Re: Nikkor to Sony E Adaptors - Vello Report
I've been really satisfied with my Commlite adapter.
It fits and performs really well.
No reason to spend big bucks for something that does not work as well

And so far, my pro Nikkors have worked better for A7s Video than my Sony 24-70.
There is no "hunting" when using a lens in manual mode and the Nikkors are sharper.

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