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Jamie Beedy July 14th, 2010 03:15 PM

XDCam Transfer - Sharing
I have a out of town producer that would like to see the XDCam Proxy Files shot with the PDW-F350 Camera. I was hoping the I could just copy the disc, excluding the HD Files, since I could end up having over 100 discs by the time this is done, to a folder and they could just add the folder to Sony's XDCam Transfer software.

When I've tried this, I have to navigate to the sub folder of the copy to get it to see the XDCam Proxy Media. Then, it doesn't list the Disc name, just "Sub". And it doesn't import the proxy files into the Cache folder. So every time you relaunch the application and click on a clip, it has to rebuild the preview.

SO, it seems like my only options are to copy the entire disc, which I'd rather have to do. Or to use some like ProxyMill to create QuickTime TC Window Burn ins.

We're a mac Shop, and the out of town producer is using a mac as well.

Any thoughts on other options available.? Or how to have XDCam Transfer import a proxies without the HD Files??



Dave Chalmers July 15th, 2010 01:14 AM

Just a thought
Hmmm...I think if you mount your original disks and open in XDCAM Transfer it will cache the proxies (assuming you have that feature turned on in preferences).
Then unmount the original disk, select all the proxies which should still be there and select CLIP...SEND CLIPS TO...and 'export' the clips to an external drive or similar.

This will gives you the proxies on a separate disk.

If you then navigate to that disk with XDCAM transfer you should be able to view them.

Not sure how the disk ID get's handled in this case.

Worth a try.


Daniel Wright July 15th, 2010 12:57 PM

You could just send the entire cache (three folders containing the proxies, thumbnails and database) created by the XDCAM Transfer tool. This would probably be the easiest approach. The recipient could then set the path to the supplied cache in preferences and would see everything just as you do, including any comments etc. that you have added.

As Dave pointed out, you need 'Automatically Fetch Proxies' switched on when you mount the discs. Otherwise you will have to select 'Fetch Proxies' from the short cut menu of each disc. You also need to make sure that enough space is allocated for the cache; if XDCAM Transfer runs out of room, it deletes older proxies to make room for the new ones.

If you adopt this approach then both you and the recipient should be using a recent (preferably the latest) version of XDCAM Transfer, just in case the database schema has changed. It's also worth bearing in mind that the 'Remove' button will delete the proxies from the database.


Uli Mors July 16th, 2010 01:52 AM


for proxy viewing *only* IŽd recommend a simple PC Laptop.

Only copy the SUB folder to a folder named as the disk is ("DAY1" , "DATEXYZ DISK#" etc.)

Sony offers a 10Mb PDZ1 Software. Once installed you can doubleclick any Proxyfile (.mxf) and play it in a player with selectable audio channels etc.


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