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John Jay April 1st, 2006 06:07 AM

From Hard Disc to HDCAM tape?
Can someone please explain the process involved to get a project stored on Hard Disc to HDCAM tape?

I am assuming the final render is sent via SDI to HDCAM recorder - so what codec is used for final render? Basically what steps are involved?

Gary McClurg April 1st, 2006 09:02 AM

I did this with the JVC deck... not from a hard drive... the process might be the same...

From the deck it went fire wire into a Mirada bridge into a tearanex (bad spelling) box... which uprezed the footage to 1080 23pfs just like the CineAlta... it does it real time...

The footage looked great... but again I only saw it when we down converted to digibeta for editing purposes... the HDCAM is for the final on-line...

So I'm not sure if you can hook up a computer and do the same thing... if you're in LA check out a company called Ditigal Jungle... see if they can help you...

Check out Cineform... but I believe you have to render...

Keith Wakeham April 3rd, 2006 05:39 PM

I'm going to assume that by on hard disc its all edited and what not and ready to get it to hdcam.

What you need is an edit system with HD-SDI (not just SDI, it must be a HD-SDI card) and of course a HDCAM deck.

So all you have to do is the same process as with betacam (If your used to that). Render your timeline if your system can't playback the stream natively to a codec of choice so it plays real time in your timeline, prep your hdcam deck and tape then hit record on the deck and play on the system.

Not much harder than that unless you don't have a hdcam deck, a hd-sdi based card, or a edit system that can playback HD in real time.

Now if your edit is some sort of Standard def then you can convert it in your edit software and out put it again out over hd-sdi (Might be some work involved and it might have to re-render the whole thing out if your system won't playback SD in a HD timeline) or their are converters out their that scale up SDI to HD-SDI or componet to HD-SDI.

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