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Steve Bleasdale November 10th, 2010 04:32 PM

White balance shift & exposure shift
Hi all

Had my sony hvr1000e for 12 months now shooting weddings and parties, i had a tape deck problem which showed up when i was editing and freeze on play back on my cam, this is a regular problem with this cam if anyone having trouble as sony try to fob you off as they know about the problem.. Any way to my original new post..
In daylight this cam is great, but sometimes i have trouble white balancing... Outside i just use auto, then as soon as i go indoors i zoom into something white click one push on the white balance and zoom out and ok great but sometimes like last week when editing i notice a lot of peoples faces looked a little reddish, so the manual came out and i read a small print on white balance shift mode on or off, can someone tell me how to use it and then noticed the cam has an exposure shift also... can someone enlighten me... do i set white balance with one push, then if it does not look right go into white balance shift and adjust that also????? Also has anyone tried using the outdoor, indoor, settings instead of one push white balance, do these settings look okay.steve england

Steve Bleasdale November 12th, 2010 03:47 AM


Kren Barnes November 17th, 2010 05:22 PM

Yo Steve ! we have been using this cam for about 3 years now specifically for weddings and the way we white balance the cam is just by using auto... tried using the indoor , outdoor or doing the white card or finding white linen then one push... but with 3 cameras going , it can be time consuming..you basically need everyone to gather round whatever you are using to white balance and with the run and gun nature, using auto saves us lots of time, however since we color enhanced our videos anyways (Magic Bullet) it just smakes it easier to match the colors from all our cams.....also, the indoor setting will give your footage a more bluish hue to account for the harsh flourescent lighting and the outdoor setting a more reddish to account for natural bluish light..

I wouldn't bother playing around with the cam exposure setting since its mediocre at best, the only settings we pay attention to is the Zebra stripe, Color and Sharpness setting on the cam...outside of that we keep it as is . check out our videos that we've posted here and see for yourself...

Hope this helps,

Vertical Video Works* Winnipeg Videography

Steve Bleasdale November 19th, 2010 05:13 PM

Hi thanks Kren

Ye your right, just finished 2 weddings all in auto and for sure everything is better.... the odd occasion the cam cannot cope but mostly in auto it best for sure.. apart from keeping the shutter speed around 50 i think just leave it in auto.. people have slated the audio but i leave that in auto also and had no probs..
Speak soon steve

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