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Stephen Walsh December 5th, 2010 03:09 AM

My first wedding with my HD1000
Hi folks,

Just wanted to share with you some sample footage of my very first wedding video: (my magic bullet looks crashed at the very last minute so had to grade and vignette manually in premiere)


I must say this is a great camera for the price, it doesn't exactly get the creative juices flowing and you don't get as pretty an image as the DLSRs but for weddings and corporate videos it does a damn good job and I made the price of the camera back after 4 months!

Steve Bleasdale December 5th, 2010 03:55 AM

Decent steve... I have had the cam for 12 months now, yes its pro looking and people take you serious, and to be fair for the 1200 i paid the footage during the day is lovely sometimes? and i say sometimes because at times there is no control. im like verical works i now leave the cam in auto for my weddings, i change white balance now and again but? i do not do any colour grading i find in hd the footage is lovely just natural colour on the dvd discs. sometimes the paying client does not understand colour and have had a few knock backs from clients not liking the colour...
The major problem is of course the low light? Terrible.. I now use par cans to shine on the dance floor. and an lcd 126 cam light other wise i have to put the footage through neat video to take out the grain/noise.

Steve Liverpool

Stephen Walsh December 5th, 2010 11:10 AM

Really? Maybe it was the just overcast sky but when I compared the original footage with the small amount of colour correction everything especially the skin tones seemed very grey. But that might be different in the sun, I wouldn't know!

The low light is a big problem, I had a 160 led light with me for that one but when I looked in the camera it seemed ok so i left it off. Of course when I watched it back.. Only recently got a copy of neat video so at the time I had to improvise by crushing the blacks and softening the rest of the grain with slightest of blurs. I'm looking at those continuous daylight softlights you can pick up on ebay for about 80 has anybody experience with them for wedding applications?

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