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Greg Walsh May 10th, 2009 05:29 AM

Please, please someone explain to me all this stuff about 24/25/60 i/p pal etc etc.I keep on reading about it and maybe i am a bit slow (probably) but you guys all seem to be talking a different language and one that i would dearly love to understand.....

Please bear with me guys and explain slowly (lol) so that i can grasp this all finally.

Want to buy a new Sony in the near future - i currently use 2 x FX7's, byt am looking for a better low light cam for weddings etc. and want to make informed choices. looking at the FX1000 or Z5 , but the only problem that here in South Africa cameras are so dam expensive. May just settle for the FX1000.

I see cams are 30% cheaper in the USA, but as i have never done the importing thing i am really scared of making a bad mistake because of something i am not aware of.

Anyway all help appreciated.

Leslie Wand May 10th, 2009 06:20 AM

you're pal - so only 25p 50i. a little less to worry about. i'm not going there because there's others better qualified to explain the difference (and with probably more patience) - suffice to say, i always shoot 50i, if i need 25p (for web/pc) i can spit it out from my nle.

no idea about importing to sa - but might you not get slapped with import tax?

if you're looking to buy outside, checkout

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