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Mark Chafe February 15th, 2011 04:50 PM

Tape suggestion for Z1U
Hi All

Recently purchased a HVR-Z1U on ebay. I purchased this from a ebay store, and they do not know what brand of tape was used by the previous owner.

I purchased a few Sony DVM85HD tapes to use as all I have at the moment are Sony DVCAM tapes and DVM60 tapes for my PD150 and 170. I have used a Sony DVCAM/HDV professional cleaning tape. Just wondering if the DVM85HD tapes are the best to use for everyday HDV footage, or if I am better off using another brand? I have a friend of mine who has been using fuji tapes from day one in his XHA1 and has never had a dropout. I have a dropout every once in awhile although I use the same brand tape (Sony) with a mix between DVM60's and PDVM-40 tapes in my PD150 & PD170s. I know these are much older cameras, however there are only a few hundred drum hours on them and heads are cleaned once every few months, and once before a paid gig.

I also use a DSR-30 deck to ingest my footage from the DV tapes, however I will have to be using my camera for the HDV footage for now until i get a new deck or a MRC1 which I am looking at.

Just wondering what brand/model tape people have had the most success with the Z1U and maybe even the PD150 and 170 as i am havinvg dropouts with the DVM60s.

Sorry for this being a double post. I posted this incorrectly in another section.


Michael Bray February 17th, 2011 08:24 PM


The only tape I've ever put into my Z1's over the past three years is Sony DVM63HDR. I've shot around 100 hours of footage during that time and only experienced 2 dropouts. Overall, I'm pretty happy with these tapes. The only thing I don't like about them is that their more expensive than the DVM60s. I think the 60s run about $1.99 each and the 63s cost around $6.50 a piece. I can't comment on the performance of the 60s in the Z1 but using the 63s, I've had really good results.


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