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Woody Wright June 11th, 2010 09:51 AM

ax 2000 480/30p scan
I shot some video using 480/30pscan and the results are not what I expected.First time using this setting.
I have premiere, the files when viewed in the source monitor seem to be of better quality than in the program monitor...?
I tried different sequence settings, same results...and the render bar is red .. doesnt this mean that the clip and sequence dont match?
You can tell im new .
I dont know if im doing something wrong(probably)
or my expectations are too high.
I will keep helping myself but if anyone has any advice it would be welcome.

Also just noticed that of the 250 or so clips only 8 have an .xmp file with them???

Daniel Paquin June 11th, 2010 02:44 PM

Hello Woody,

More information is required in order to help you.

What do you want to do, video editing, create a SD DVD, get your video on the web (YouTuber, Vimeo)...?

You mention the render bar is red. Are you a Mac/Final Cut Pro user or a PC user? What application are you currently using?

John Wiley June 11th, 2010 05:13 PM

In Premiere you will get a red bar if the footage is in a different format to the projects settings, even if the resolution is the same - so if you are putting your SD mpeg2 footage onto a DV timeline you might get a red bar. It often doesn't mean you'll need to render, but sometimes you will need to. For example, when I drop cineform .avi clips onto a HDV timeline in Premiere CS3, I get a red bar but the footage plays back fine even at full quality. What happens to the footage in the preview monitor if you render the timeline? Does the program monitor improve?

Do you have your preview window set to full/best quality? Also are you using a progressive timeline? It could be that your program is trying to separate fields - which would result in a halving of the vertical resolution.

.xmp files are used to store metadata, and are often generated when you make changes to the file inside your software. I don't know what info these files carry for videos, but for still photos they carry the f-stop, shutter speed, date, ISO, camera model etc.

Woody Wright June 12th, 2010 01:07 PM

thank you
"In Premiere you will get a red bar if the footage is in a different format to the projects settings, even if the resolution is the same"
I felt pretty dumb when I read this ...so simple.And obvious.
Clips playback fine.. rendering helps slightly and as soon as I get back to it I will look into sequence settings.
I was thinking the red render bar was to be avoided, there is alot of misinfo. out there.
Looked into .xmp files and they are metadata like you said....After a restart the others appeared next to their clips.
Thanks again John.

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