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Carl Sobeck February 25th, 2015 11:09 PM

NX5U strange behavior- HELP
Ok I was shooting a depo tonight and had a camera malfunction. I hit the record button after a very short break and I notice that the SD slot started recording but not the FMU(cam had been in standby). EXT icon is flashing on the right side of the screen but no minutes appear beside it. Conversely the EXT display is not displayed in the upper screen, only the B drive that I was using is lit up. I made the decision NOT to stop the recording since there were only a few questions remaining and the fact the the SD drive appeared normal and I wasn't getting any error codes other than the non-FMU start. We conclude, I wipe the sweat off my face and this is where it gets weird.

I try to power down - turn the cam switch off but the display is frozen with power still going to the screen!!! Yes, I double check the switch, it's off- has no effect on the power to the screen( not unlike a stuck computer).The SD drive is not flashing so I decide to pull the SD card out prior to cutting the power via the switch on the UPC I use.

Once back at the office, I'm relieved to find all the media was saved on the SD card and had transferred without issue. The FMU had recorded only up to the point of the non-start. I put a battery on the cam and inserted the card back in the same slot and got a warning that the media needed to be recovered due to me removing it prematurely. Nothing appeared for the FMU.

I will add that the only thing I did different tonight that I haven't done in the last 4 years of ownership was to let the attorney power a 32in monitor and his laptop from the 350va rated UPC.

So I'm no electrical engineer but do you think that there was a current drop or surge when the attorney pulled his mag connection off the laptop and shut off the monitor during the break? How about a switch issue or is it a freak occurrence to make me worry it's going to happen again. I haven't found much during a web search for NX5U/FMU issues. Grabbing at straws.


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