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Robert Lee April 23rd, 2019 09:53 AM

How to fix FMU 128 problem of combining multiple clips into 1 clip
I provided the video link of the question I have, an in case it doesn't go through,
the best way I can explain it is I had another long-form shoot filming 10hrs of a conference.

For some reason when I went to export the clips from the FMU 128 to the camera, the footage wasn't stitched together but was still separated multiple video clips?

Luckily the footage from the SDHC cards had them stitched together, for me to download to the computer, but puzzled by the FMU 128 performance

What could be the source of the problem, and would it be within the camera setting I need to check the footage be stitched together?


Christopher Young April 23rd, 2019 11:05 PM

Re: How to fix FMU 128 problem of combining multiple clips into 1 clip
This is an old problem due to the fact that the FMU 128 is formatted FAT32 and FAT32 has a 2GB file size limit. From memory, depending on codec, frame rate used etc these files are just on 2GB and about 10 minutes in length. The quickest way to combine these clips into one is to use Sony's "Content Management Utility." This will allow you to import all your clips and during that import process all individual clips that have contiguous timecode will be stitched together as one long clip. Some NLE software such as Vegas Pro and Premiere can do this but in different ways. Vegas will do the same as Sony's CMU software and will stitch the individual file together as one. Premiere and Edius can show the files as one long clip on ingest even though they are still individual files. To do this correctly though the FULL folder/file structure that is on the card or FMU need to be present to ensure that the files are stitched together without any audio disturbances at the file junctions. An overview:

"Content Management Utility is an easy to use Microsoft Windows software application for clip management and file uploading.

1. It allows users to connect divided files due to FAT32 restrictions, which automatically divide files into 2-GB data files during recording.

2. The new Sony dual memory card relay recording system record clips onto separate cards, if the clip exceeds the capacity of a single memory card. Content Management Utility software also connects clips divided onto several cards made by relay recording.

3. Content Management Utility software maps any GPS data embedded in video data."

The last, v2.1, Content Management Utility can be downloaded from here:


From memory for the program to register the first time it is used you have to have a compatible camera or recorder connected to the PC. After the first time the program is used equipment connection is not required.

Chris Young

Robert Lee April 24th, 2019 02:53 PM

Re: How to fix FMU 128 problem of combining multiple clips into 1 clip
Thanks again Chris, I'll download the software and give it a shot.

Hope I may be of equal help for you if on the off-chance you may have troubleshooting questions.


Christopher Young April 25th, 2019 05:04 AM

Re: How to fix FMU 128 problem of combining multiple clips into 1 clip
No problemo!

Chris Young

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