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Jon Braeley June 9th, 2011 06:49 AM

First Impressions...
My FS-100 first thoughts...

It is lighter than I imagined.... and the build quality is a possible worry. Only time and use will tell so let's ignore this for now. I shoot in a lot of remote locations always in Asia... and dust and wet downpours are regular ... this would not stand a chance. Also I use backpacks and the FS-100 feels like it needs a pelican case and lots of foam protection...hhhm.

I like the size and shape and even the control placement is ok with me. The LCD is superb and even the plastic viewfinder tube works well ... it will not last (again the build quality). Yes that LCD is lovely - crisp! I can see why the tripod mounts are near the front lens because the body weighs near nothing. It hangs off any lens. It is an odd shape to carry - like my old Hasselblad - no handle that feels firm. I think the market will explode with add-on stuff for the FS-100. There are extra screw holes all over the body for this. Take not all other MFR's please!

Now for tests I have no lenses that fit as all mine are Canon L's and Oly m43's... but I did find an old Nikon zoom (no idea where this came from) and voila... it works fine with adapter. Like many I am waiting for lenses and adapters to play catch up ... hello Birger?
I am currently in Miami where my production studio is. I had to wait until 8pm to shoot outside... as my ND's do not fit the old Nikon I am using and this camera is just too dam sensitive!! This can see in the dark - I think I stole that line from Sony. But the image is lovely ... at 8pm this camera soaks up the light and the colors are spot on. I am not using any profiles yet. I will try and post some footage. But image-wise this does the job and much more. I just cannot shoot until evening at the moment - now who would have thought that? I cannot wait for either the EOS adapter to come out or when my new lenses arrive to shoot some real footage and set up profiles. ND's are a must for everyday - it needs negative gain! My next movie needs low light as its mostly evening shoots in a Kyoto monastery ... am I happy for the timing of this release.

It is typical Sony so that means simple to use out of the box. No thinking. I havent read the manual yet. No need. One slot SD cards is poor thinking but you can attach a SS drive to shoot all day which I may get. No plans on Naonflash or a Ninja just yet but of course I will later - first get the lenses Jon. Where is the Birger adapter?

The key here is that for $5k you get a 35mm camera without any of the problems with DSLR's. Its nice to get back to a real motion picture cam with XLR's and audio levels. And super slo mo at 1080p is a very big deal for me as I shoot enormous amounts of martial arts movies.

So the build of this - all the plastic is my only con but I was'nt expecting a dust-sealed mag body anyway. And once you start shooting all that fades to black...

Right now a score of 8 out of 10 (and I am picky). Next month this will be a 10 out of 10 when Birger delivers ... or I get my Zeiss primes in E-mount.

Dan Asseff June 9th, 2011 07:11 AM

Re: First Impressions...
Jon. what brand of mount did you buy? I am with you on how sensitive this camera is. I took some footage inside my house at night and wow it sees better than I do, that's a first. It sounds like the new SONY HXR NX70 “Water & Dust proof” camera would work for the Asia shoot. The build is exactly how I thought it would be having the NX-5. The image is unbelievable even at 30db. My only complaint is the auto focus and OS only working on E-mount lenses only. Jon I will have stop by in September, I'm doing a Doc shoot in the Keys for these lawyers who dive every year for lobsters.


Jon Braeley June 9th, 2011 10:10 AM

Re: First Impressions...
I never use AF or anything auto or IS so my lens choice is wide open. If you use these then E-mounts are your only option I agree. That means waiting a few months.
I got the cheap Fotodiox Nikon mount last month knowing the camera was on order. Works fine - exposure ring is on the Nikon lens anyway.
Now I have th FS-100 here I will get more suitable adapters from MTF and Birger.

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