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Jean-Philippe Archibald December 22nd, 2011 02:54 PM

The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
I just finished writing a blog post about every bits and parts that constitute my rig and why I choosed them, what I was looking for. Have a look!

Jean-Philippe Archibald The Ultimate Sony NEX-FS100 Rig!

Dan Asseff December 23rd, 2011 07:18 AM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)

Nice set up. I have a similar set up but need a EVF. How do you like the DP4? I wonder what the different between the zucuto EVF is. Good job.


Jean-Philippe Archibald December 23rd, 2011 08:42 AM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
Personnally I didn't tried the ZACUTO one, but i'm sure it is awesome. I took the DP4 because it can be used as an EVF, but also as a field monitor. at 4.3", it's the perfect size for an on-camera monitor. I liked the versatility. I am very happy with my choice. Very easy to focus with, peaking is excellent, and it's easier to judge exposure with than it is with the on board LCD. Since I got it my footage is always exposed correctly. With the onboard LCD I had a tendency to overexpose.

But i'm sure you will be great with either the SmallHD or the Zacuto.

Scott Caplan December 27th, 2011 02:26 PM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
Nice rig! I like that you went low-cost, effective and modular.


Bruce S. Yarock December 27th, 2011 10:31 PM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
Jean Phillipe
Nice set up.

I'm working on a rig and need some of the parts you described, but your link won't load up. Could you email it to me please?
Bruce Yarock
yarock at aol.com

Bruce S. Yarock January 10th, 2012 08:23 AM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
Jean Phillipe,
Thanks for your info. So far, I bought the cavision handles and the Porta brace pad. I still need longer rods , with the screw on ends. I emailed the company you bought yours from, Trusmt, and they said they didn't have rods that can be extended. Here's the email I got from them. Am I missing something in the translation?
Also, does anyone else know of another supplier where the prices aren't astronomical (BH wants $185 for 4 x 12" that can screw together.

Emaul from trusmt
How are you. welcome to China.
our email address: trusmt@gmail.com
so you need 4pcs 150mm + 2pcs 300mm? i can give you $70+$30shipping cost =$100
what do you think?
one think i think adivse you, our CF rods it have no screwthread, so you can't extend it.
best regards!

Bruce Yarock

Jean-Philippe Archibald January 10th, 2012 01:52 PM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)

They said that the CF version (Carbon fiber) don,t have thread and can't be extended. It's roughly the same for every manufacturers I think. Their Aluminiumj rods have threads.

Trusmt sells 4 differents lenght 300mm and 312mm, 150mm and 162mm.

the one with 12mm extra have a male connector at one end and a female one at the other. the 300 and 150 have female connectors at both end.

Personnally, I purshased 2 X 300mm (12" both female connectors) and 4 162mm (6" extension with one male connector on each rod). Basically, this kit: 15mm support rods (AL) for DSLR follow focus,Matte box | eBay plus 2 extra 162mm rods.

The build quality is VERY high.

Hope this help,

Dan Asseff January 10th, 2012 07:30 PM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
Look what i just found. Talk about a nice rig.

Behind the Scenes of 'Providence' - Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm User Group on Vimeo

Letus explains the differences between their Master Cinema Series and traditional shoulder rigs - NextWaveDV

Master Cinema Series


Jeff Troiano February 15th, 2012 03:13 PM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
I have a question. I'm piecing together a shoulder rig for my fs100. Bought a baseplate and 18 inch rails, handles and pad. The 18 inch rails seem so short to me. I'm a big guy (6 foot 8, 300 pounds). I'm thinking of returning them for 24 inch rails. I notice 18 inch seems the standard on preconfigured kits.

Just wondering everyone else's take on the 18 inch rail lengths?


Bruce S. Yarock February 15th, 2012 03:30 PM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
You might want to buy a few sets of rails in different lenghts so that you could make the rig shorter or longer, depending on the situation. I took Jeanne's suggestion and bought 3 pairs of rods, in different sizes. I bought mine form the company in China that he mentioned. Their ebay namr is trumtt.
Bruce yarock

Ryan Creason February 15th, 2012 07:21 PM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
Would love this... wish it supported the FS100 with the battery. Think this is at all worth the money?

Keith Moreau February 16th, 2012 01:42 AM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
I think they actually have a FS100 'cage' for it. Worth the money? It's almost as much as the FS100. I like some of the ideas, other things really make the FS100 really big, I like small if possible. However, if money was no object, it might be nice to have it in your arsenal.

Paul Curtis February 16th, 2012 03:06 AM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)
Rigs are super personal things and it really depends on how you like to shoot. The Letus rigs seem complete overkill for most people.

The FS needs a good top handle, it's pretty nice just hand holding from that and focusing with the other hand, nice and low. For shoulder mount i have a shoot35 rig and that does the job fine. One note about shoulder mounts is that need to articulate/angle a little because your shoulders aren't straight. Some of these integrated pads don't seem to do that unless they're made of super squashy stuff.

It's seems a bit of a boy thing to rig our cameras with so much 'stuff' on!

I'm finding a decent monitor mount difficult. I have a DP6 on the way replacing a smaller sony one, was wondering whether i should have gone down the DP4 EVF route but hitting focus is more important and the higher resolution seemed prudent.

But the point of the FS for me is that it's light and compact.


Dan Asseff February 16th, 2012 05:45 AM

Re: The ultimate FS100 rig! (for me!)

If you watch the behind the scene of provenance, you will see the FS-100 in there cage. The reason i like it is it give you that ENG feel. I have put together a rig close to the set of that rig but I don't have an EVF yet. I have been researching the different EVF's and will probably get the Zacuto EVF. The real problem with the FS-100 is there eye cup position, thats why you need an EVF with camera.

If I want to keep it in it's natural form I use the DV JuniorRig Support systems for DSLR/ DV/ HDV/ Camcoders with the spring rod it is easy to shoot all day without my back screaming in pain.


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