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Thomas Wong April 12th, 2012 09:31 PM

is this card fast enough for FS100?
i also heard people saying that FS100 can only get 60p with the sony 128G SSD drive, is that true?

Allan Tabilas April 12th, 2012 10:09 PM

Re: is this card fast enough for FS100?
Most class 6 or class 10 cards will work for the FS100. It typically can use 24Mbps or 28Mbps (AVCHD 2.0) bitrates, which is only around 3-4MBytes . I've used transcend class 6 and class 10 cards in the FS100, so this Lexar 133x card will work just fine.

Dave Elston April 13th, 2012 04:11 AM

Re: is this card fast enough for FS100?

The short answer is yes but I would be very hesitant at going for any card larger than around 32GB for serious productions - it's a simple case of 'spreading your eggs across baskets'.

If you lose one 32GB card (either through data corruption or lost/inhaled/swallowed - they're so tiny!) that's potentially 2-3 hours of footage gone and perhaps a day's worth of filming wasted, but with a 128GB card that loss is suddenly four times more painful! (ie. bigger numbers are not always better!)

Plus, at current prices the "sweet spot" for value is still to be found around the 16-32GB capacity cards so you'll be saving money by buying more smaller cards than plumping top-dollar on one large one. Just my 2c!

I personally use a 750GB HyperDrive COLORSPACE for immediate backup when switching between my two 32GB cards and then back this all up to a RAID5 array (edit-ready) as soon as I'm back from the shoot. If the shoot is going to be over several days then I simply add more cards, not bigger ones - ideally always keeping two copies of the footage - the original clips on each card and a backup on the HyperDrive until I can offload the cards to my edit suite - and only then will I reuse any cards.

As for 60p (or 50p for me here in PAL land) I have no trouble recording that to SDHC - so it's certainly not limited to the FMU128 unit.


Thomas Wong April 13th, 2012 06:03 AM

Re: is this card fast enough for FS100?
thanks for your suggestion, i will think about it

Some friend told me to use 2-3 small cards as well, but i got another point. It will be a lot easier to lose a tiny small card if it's not being used. With a large card, it always stay in the unit.

I used to have 2 CF card for my 5Dmk2, and i always forget where i place the second card.

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