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Wilf Davies June 18th, 2013 07:03 PM

fs700 with Ziese 24-70 lens
Hi Could anyone tell me if the steadyshot function works on the fs700 when paired with Zeiss 24-70 lens please.Also does the auto focus work when paired with sony vg 30 and lea2 adapter Thanks Wilf.

Juan A. Diaz June 21st, 2013 01:22 AM

Re: fs700 with Ziese 24-70 lens
In a word, NO.

This is the disconnect between the NEX E-mount line-up, and the Alpha A-mount line-up. A-mount cameras have in body sensor shake stabilization. The sensor moves to stabilize the image. On an A-mount camera, ALL lenses, regardless of manufacturer, are stabilized, presuming you have the sensor shake stabilization enabled.

E-mount uses the traditional stabilization method of Canon & Nikon - a moving lens element to stabilize the image. In this method, each lens must contain the servo stabilized moving element. The FS700 is a NEX E-mount family camera, and it's sensor does not move for any reason, neither dust removal, nor stabilization.

The lens you refer to is a great and highly rated lens, but it depends on a moving sensor for stabilization. There will be absolutely NO stabilization on the FS700 !!!

Couldn't say regarding your other question, although I think I read that the lens will be fixed to F3.5 (or widest aperture in the case of lenses with max aperture greater than f3.5), when auto focus is enabled. You'd be well advised to try this combo in person if there are shops with it in stock in your country.

Wilf Davies June 21st, 2013 05:06 PM

Re: fs700 with Ziese 24-70 lens
Hi Juan
Your rite, lens got delivered this morning no stabilization on both cameras, focus works very well on both cameras, come to the conclusion because of the weight of the lens and camera together quite heavy I mite say I would mostly use them together on a tripod and the run and gun stuff use my power zoom 18-200 lenses. Why does the iris go to 3.5 when camera is in auto focus.What I do is set lens to 2.8 frame my camera on subject press focus button on lens or on camera flips to 3.5 release button goes back to 2.8 start record perfect.buy the way picture is awesome. Thanks Wilf.

Christopher Young June 25th, 2013 10:36 PM

Re: fs700 with Ziese 24-70 lens
Wilf ~

All the Sony Alpha cameras stop down to f3.5 or the lens' maximum aperture should that be under f3.5 when using auto focus. That practice continues across to the FS range of cameras when using the Sony LEA adapters in auto-focus mode.

Some food for thought. Despite the aperture issues I find the APS-C 16-50mm (same as a 24-75mm full frame) kit lens off the Alpha A77 to be a good lens on the FS700. It's cheap, not too heavy, has way more resolution capability than the 700 can deliver plus its parfocal.

Chris Young
CYV Productions

Peter Corbett June 26th, 2013 04:07 PM

Re: fs700 with Ziese 24-70 lens
I just shot some Tour de France training stuff over in Italy, and used the SELP18200 with the FS700. It was really impressive with the level of stabilisation it provided, particularly when shooting from the rear of a van with riders chasing us on a not very smooth road.

I too had thought of using an Alpha lens with the LA-2 adaptor but the stabilising thing was more important. The autofocus worked pretty well too. Once it locked onto the moving target (ie. a rider or riders), it held focus pretty well.

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