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James Manford November 7th, 2014 04:59 AM

How much weight can the E-Mount handle?
As the title really.

I have a Tamron VC 70-200m f2.8 on the way, and was planning on using it handheld and on a monopod. If i'm using it handheld, ufcourse i'll be using my hand on the lens and one hand on the camera grip to distribute the weight.

But on the monopod, although i'll be manually focusing there will be times where the lens will solely hang off the mount.

From the technical spec, the weight of the lens is 1.5kg give or take.

Is that OK for the FS700 mount to handle ?

Chris Harding November 7th, 2014 05:26 AM

Re: How much weight can the E-Mount handle?
Hi James

I use my Sigma 18-35 which is close to 1kg on the EA-50 but why not use the support that comes with the lens down to a rail under the camera? That would take some stress off the mount.

Besides that, I reckon they are pretty tough mounts!


Christopher Young November 7th, 2014 06:13 AM

Re: How much weight can the E-Mount handle?
Chris ~

You have more faith in the e-mount than I do. I think the mount is strong from a 'break it' point of view but with a longish lens copping a decent sideways bump on its end it could easily bend the flange away from 100% perpendicular so that your lens was no longer at exactly 90 degrees to the sensor.

Not that I have seen one supported on an S7 but Sony's new 28-135 comes with a lens support mount and that lens weighs in at 1.250 Kg if I recall correctly.

I use a Pentax Takumar constant Ff4.0 28 -135mm FF zoom on my FS700 every now and again and it weighs in at 900 grams and that feels plenty heavy to me.

But there again what do I know? The front of the camera might be made from 'unobtainium' and be super strong to the degree that my concerns could be totally off track :)

Chris Young
CYV Productions

Noa Put November 7th, 2014 06:21 AM

Re: How much weight can the E-Mount handle?
Heavier and especially longer lenses come with a build in extra support for a reason, in case of a dslr you use that support to mount the lens on a tripod instead of the camera and in case of a heavier camera you use rods to support the lens. You can ofcourse test to see if the cameramount is able to withstand the pressure and if not report back here so we know for sure :)

Chris Harding November 7th, 2014 08:10 AM

Re: How much weight can the E-Mount handle?
The support fitting is obviously there for a reason! My Sigma didn't come with one so I assumed that it was OK for both my Sony and my Nikons

I think there's a simple rule here ... if the lens has a support fitted then that means it needs support so I would stick some rails under the camera and get a lens support fitting so the weight is taken off the mount. I'm also assuming that an FS700 plus a 1.5kg hunk of glass will NOT be handheld so support should be easy

Chris? I use the Sigma at wedding receptions as it's an F1.8 constant thruout the zoom range. Then again I doubt whether even the stock 18-200 e-Mount lens would survive a heavy sideways thump!! I don't think it would physically break the flange (unless the lens goes first) but as you say it certainly would throw the alignment out. My EA-50 has a tough rail under which would absorb any initial impact if I swung the camera accidentally into a concrete pillar. Haven't done that yet!!!


James Manford November 8th, 2014 06:40 AM

Re: How much weight can the E-Mount handle?
The lens arrived today and my god it's a beast. Fantastic solid build quality.

I'll definitely be using this bad boy handheld (hand on camcorder body and one hand on lens) in short bursts as and when required. I did let the lens hang off the mount freely for about 20-30 seconds by just lifting the camcorder by its handle in the air (told myself the camcorder is insured so if it breaks, it breaks). I couldn't see any visible flex at all, to the adapter or e-mount. That's not to say you can leave it like that for long periods of time as rightly so, a knock or nudge on the lens when hanging freely can definitely cause damage. That's why they provide the collar for appropriate fixture to a rail or whatever.

But I think the way i'll be using it, it should be fine. Touchwood anyway.

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