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Steve Nunez September 27th, 2003 03:14 PM

PDX10 & tele lens add-ons?
Anyone add a tele lens to the X10? How well did the video come out- which adapter did you use? 12X optical zoom while standard isn't enough and i'm looking for some more tele range- would love to hear results from people who have tried a tele on a X10.

(PS- I'm looking to videotape raptor birds, hawks, eagles etc in trees and need the range)

Boyd Ostroff September 28th, 2003 07:46 AM


Actually I shot a bunch of bird footage a few weeks ago with the Sony VCL-HG2037X, which is a 2x high quality teleconverter. I'm really happy with this lens. At first I thought there was a problem because the camera's infinity setting produces blurred images. However if you focus manually it works fine. Autofocus works in some conditions.

Also, much to my surprise, I find that the PDX-10's digital zoom produces decent results if you set it at 2x. So with the teleconverter and digital zoom combination you can have the equivalent of a 48x lens! There is a bit of blurring with this digital zoom setting, but it really isn't too bad (depending on your subject material). I guess the PDX-10's high res CCD's make this possible. For example, I shot footage of the moon this way and the disk nearly fills the 16:9 frame vertically with craters clearly visible. Of course this is all a judgement call and depends on the sort of effect you're after.

Anyway, check out the Sony lens... it's a nice piece of glass (but pretty big and heavy in relation to the camera :-)

Steve Nunez September 28th, 2003 09:49 AM

Thanks for the reply.
Do you think the Kenko "HI" series 3X telel lens would suffer optical (quality) degradation loss at 3X zoom?

Here's the product info-

For $99 it seems like a deal!

Threads right onto the PDX10!

Also, do u notice vignetting at wider angle settings when using a telel lens and the PDX10- what about in 16/9 shooting mode?

Boyd Ostroff September 28th, 2003 01:26 PM

I shoot exclusively in 16:9 and have no vignetting with the Sony lens. However I have only really used it at full telephoto. I tried zooming and it appears you can get away with a bit, but obviously it will vignette in the extreme as you zoom towards the wide end.

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