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Chris Thiele March 24th, 2004 09:03 PM

Why I bought a Sony DSR-PDX10(pal)
There are several reasons why I decided to buy a PDX10(pal).
I had many faithful hours from a Sony TRV-30e. Great results in many conditions. Many successful shoots. (My teenage son recently won a video contest on road safety, $1000 to spend in a surf shop. He was wrapped).
After much research, this forum convinced me the video camera I wanted to upgrade to was the PDX10 (pal). The strengths and weaknesses listed in this forum was very helpful. I have now owned the camera for a whole week!

BUT, the REAL reason I had to upgrade was because of one of those ooopps moments. Iíll share mine. Maybe someone else has had one of those moments with a camera as well.

One morning I had a quiet fishing trip in our small boat with my wife, in the Tamar River, Tasmania. (Tasmania is an Island state of Australia; small population. 40% untouched forest, great scenery, mountains, lakes and beaches.)

It started while trolling in our boat out of the Tamar River with the sighting of a large vessel on the horizon. Not an unusual sight with ships now coming to our harbour. The silhouette soon became obvious that this was no normal container ship entering the Tamar River. I grabbed the binoculars and in my enthusiasm broke them; looking through one lens of the two piece binoculars enabled me to confirm my thoughts, a submarine! "What the heck?"
What appeared to be a small fishing boat in its near proximity started to zoom towards the river mouth, spray breaking over its bow, as it burst through the light swell. This was no small fishing boat as first thought, but a black rubber duck with camouflaged marines clinging firmly to a rope. The marines looked resolute on their mission as they zoomed past. "Probably just a training exercise, or maybe someone wants to be dropped off to do some shopping" I said to my wife. But another thought ran through my mind, 'what if these were unfriendlies wanting to create havoc in the harbour, how would anyone know?'

With these thoughts in my mind, the submarine started to turn and head in towards the mouth of the Tamar River. Reaching quickly for my still digital camera, "None of my mates will believe this unless I have photographic proof". It's hard to take photos as your bobbing up and down in a small boat while trolling for fish. The submarine just got bigger and bigger and our boat felt smaller and smaller as it came closer. I then had a funny thought, who is meant to give way? Submarines or a little boat trolling? This scenario wasn't covered in the Recreational Sea Fishing Guide. I decided the Submarine could have the right of way and made sure I stayed clear. I was also quite relieved to see the white ensign of the Australian Navy flying as it went passed.
BUT, in the excitement, I did something I have never done before. Left my case open on the floor of the deck Ė It housed my video camera as well. A Sony TRV-30e, and for the first time a wave came over the bow of the boat. Water in the case, and camera. Salt water and video cameras donít seem to mix well. Video Camera dead!
Also In the midst of all the excitement, I forgot to look at the fishing rods. Yes, a rather large and exhausted Barracouta was being trailed behind.

Because my Wife had witnessed the death of our beloved video camera she agreed we needed a new one. A good one! Yippeee. Now I am the proud owner of a PDX10 (pal).
I did some good stills of the sub as well.

Looking forward to shooting some of the great scenery on the new cam.

Boyd Ostroff March 24th, 2004 09:24 PM

Great story Chris! Welcome to the "club" :-)

Sean McHenry March 25th, 2004 09:24 PM

Sub Club - MMMM good!
Yep, that's one for the books.

I have heard, and only heard this mind you, if you would have been able to imediatly imerse the deck in distilled water, you might have had a change to save it. By continually rinsing it with more and more fresh (distilled) water you would displace the salt and othe oceanic nastys. Then I would have tried adding more and more alcohol to the mix as that would become a drying agent of sorts.

I did something similar to some radio electronics once. It helped it live longer but did eventually die anyway.

Happily awaiting the arrival of my non-pal version. Sony tells me it should arrive tomorrow. I have a nice new Sony DVCam tape waiting...


Frank Granovski March 25th, 2004 10:22 PM

Too bad about your TRV30. Consumer cams usually come with a neck strap, but few people use them. I'm a firm believer though. Never know. Good shooting with your new PAL! :-))

Shawn Mielke March 26th, 2004 06:14 PM

If dousing the family cam is what it takes to get yourself a PDX10, well then
I'm all for it! ;-)

Congratulations on your new piece.

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