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Ronald Lee March 26th, 2004 09:57 PM

Now lets talk Telephoto lens
We covered wide angle lenses pretty well here, since the cost of lenses for this camera is so low, let's talk telephoto, as I may as well pick on up as well.

Any brands that you recommend, or are they all pretty much good when it comes to tele? I've seen a lot of Sima, Kenko, and Sony 37mm around.

Sean McHenry March 27th, 2004 07:26 AM

I too am interested in a summation of both wide and telephoto. I am looking to make money with this setup so it has to be good, not just OK. Not flawless, but nothing visible to the average client either.

I am particularly interested in knowing which lenses have filter threads on the end so I can add UV or other glass in front of them.

And particularly interested in how the Sony lenses stack up against Century and the others.

Maybe we could build a small chart of acceptability? I could host it on my web site if need be.


Boyd Ostroff March 27th, 2004 08:15 AM

The wide angle topic really has been beaten to death here, just use the search. Telephoto has had some discussion, but not as much. Sony makes some cheap (~$40) lenses that are just junk. I have their good 2x telephoto however, the VCL-HG2037X, and it's terrific although not cheap. Unfortunately no filter threads.

Another thing worth noting if you're new to the PDX-10: Try the digital zoom at 2x, you'll be surprised how good it looks! All those extra pixels come in handy. With a 2x telephoto and 2x digital you can get 48x which is pretty impressive. For example, in 16:9 mode the full moon nearly fills the frame vertically, and I could clearly see ships on the horizon that just looked like little specs to the naked eye.

It would be nice if the lens had filter threads, but this is less of an issue with the telephoto than the wide lens I think. You can put a filter between the telephoto and the camera without any vignetting (at full zoom). Of course, with the telephoto adaptor you get severe vignetting as you start to zoom out, but I think that's pretty much the "nature of the beast".

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