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Sean McHenry March 27th, 2004 07:22 AM

Arrived yesterday.
Mine came yesterday at work in the 10am UPS shipment. Looking good so far.

I have been reading the important bits from the online PDF version for a few days and feel comfortable with the methods used to control things.

I am somewhat troubled that some things don't have direct control, like exposure. What I really mean by that is, yes, hit the button and use the thumb wheel but if yu need to make any other changes that need you to make, you loose the exposure setting. If you lock it, you can't make any other changes, etc.

I did find you can make exposere changes and still change audio levels which is nice.

One other nice touch might have been to have audio metering even in auto level mode. Otherwise, how would you know you need manual?

Still, it's looking good.

I am hitting the local park trails with it today if it clears up a bit. Borrowed a Bogen 3011/3126 combo from work to set it on. I think I may buy the Bogen Wildreness setup. 3221BN legs and the 3130QR head. Any comments on that combo?

Next project is a home built steady cam handheld rig. PVC and aluminum stock, etc.


Boyd Ostroff March 27th, 2004 08:26 AM

Sean, not sure what you mean about exposure control. You can always control it manually if desired using the thumbwheel. The only caveat has to do with changing shutter speed. Unfortunately, changing the shutter speed will reset the iris. But if you first choose a shutter speed then you can maintain it along with manual iris. Is that what you meant?

Also not sure about the audio comment. IIRC, you can display the audio levels while in auto mode, just push the button.

I have a 3221 with a 501 head - is that the same as the 3130QR? The tripod is pretty sturdy and mine came with a nice soft case. But watch out for those leg snaps, they're killers that can pinch and bruise your fingers! I stopped using mine for video and replaced it with a Miller DS-5 which I love. The action on that head is way, way smoother than the Bogen and it makes quite a difference if you're shooting at full telephoto. It also has a ball leveller and I don't know how I ever lived without that! I use the 3221 with another head now for my still camera and it's really a better match for that IMO. But for the price I think it's a very good value, and if you aren't shooting a lot of stuff at full telephoto you will probably be happy with it.

Sean McHenry March 30th, 2004 06:34 PM

I was overall pretty happy with the performance of the 3011 sticks and the 3126 head on the tripod I used from work this weekend. I wasn't perfect but it worked for what I need for now.

I am buying the 3180N kit with the 3011BN sticks and the 3130QR micro fluid head. Very similar to what I had out from work. Should be good for getting the shooting going again.

Now to line up a few free shoots to get back in the swing of it. Been editing too long. Need to shoot and create.

Links : http://www.bogenimaging.us/product/templates/itemalone.php3?itemid=800




Boyd Ostroff March 30th, 2004 08:36 PM

Those legs look good, probably better than the nasty snaps on the 3221. That head looks pretty much like a cheap Bogen head I used briefly before getting the 501. I guess it depends on what sort of shooting you plan to do, but I found the movement way too rough for my needs. The 501 was a big improvement.

Sean McHenry March 30th, 2004 11:59 PM

Not shooting too much in the way of action right now. One of the first projects is to shoot stock to use in the projects down the road and maybe to sell off as true 16x9 footage from around the state.

Mostly static initially but the 3126 from work was smooth enough to use for all sorts of work like weddings, etc.

I figure this one ought to be pretty good for now. Maybe a year or so down the road I might move up a notch or two.

First proirities are now, sticks followed closely by a good PortaBrace bag, lighting, wide angle lens and the a new DSR-11 deck. We have a demo DSR-20 I am trying to talk the company out of as it is in great shape and I seem to have it more or less at my house all the time anyway.

One of the perks of being in the business is being able to rent gear to myself at $0. Makes for easy testing of the gear for us sales guys.

Got to get some sleep.

See ya,

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