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Neil Wentworth May 20th, 2004 02:36 PM

trv-950 audio question...
greetings mortals.
i'm doing audio on a shoot for a guy with a TRV-950, and he doesn't know ANYTHING about the audio functions/features of the camera... and sony's site blows for audio info.
what i need to know is: does this camera have stereo RCA or XLR inputs/outputs on it, or not?
Also, if it does, are the audio levels manually controllable either externally or internally on the camera. IE - no auto levels!!!

i need to be able to send him a stereo audio feed from my audio rig - preferably XLR, but i can convert the signal to RCA if i have to...

thanks in advance to anyone with this knowledge.

Boyd Ostroff May 20th, 2004 02:52 PM

I have a PDX-10 which is the "pro " version of the 950. I think you will find that the audio differences between the TRV-950 and PDX-10 are pretty similar to the VX-2000 vs PD-150.

The TRV-950 does not have either XLR or RCA inputs. It has a 1/8" miniplug mike input. Instead of RCA's like the VX-2000 has, the TRV-950 has another miniplug that combines composite video and L+R audio. The camera should have been supplied with a breakout cable for this that has 3 male RCA connectors on the opposite end. I'm not sure whether the audio channels on this can be used as an input unless the camera is set for AV IN, in which case it might also be looking for a video input. Perhaps a TRV-950 owner can answer this. You should be able to control audio levels with the thumbwheel by punching a button, but not separately on each channel.

I'd suggest that a Beachtek or similar XLR box might be the best approach if you can get one.

Jim Schweer May 21st, 2004 02:14 PM

To what Boyd has written, I would add that the manual contorl of the audio is selected as a menu item, "mic level." This setting defaults to "auto" when the 950 is switched off. So you must reset it to "manual" whenever you switch on the 950.

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