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Tom Hardwick June 9th, 2004 12:27 AM

'Snap-on' wide-angles
When you've lived with a bayonet on wide-angle converter it's hard to go back to living with a screw thread. It seems fumbly, time consuming and quaintly old fashioned, not to say dangerous as you're never quite sure if you've cross threaded it or when the lens is gointg to come off in your hand.

Somebody was asking if there was a converter lens made that utilised the 950's hood bayonet in the same way the VX2100 does. I don't believe there is, but the next best is the Raynox 'clip-on' variety. These lenses snap on and off your filter threads in just a second, are held securely, and as they can be fitted the 'right way up', they can have black masking tape added to reduce flare or have a 4:3 hood permantly in place.

They are all single element non zoom throughs last time I looked, but then I like this kind of converter.


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