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Ralf Strandell July 21st, 2004 06:27 AM

Which filter+hood in front of Tiffen 0.56x W/A ?

I have a PDX10 camcorder and a Tiffen "Megaplus" 0.56x wideangle adapter. The W/A has 72mm threads in the front and I would like to put a multicoated UV(0) filter and/or a lens hood there to cut down glare.

Properly multicoated 72mm filters are Very Expensive, so I need to know certain things before placing an order:

1) Will a multicoated UV filter reduce the lens flaring of the W/A at all? I know that the hood helps, though.

2) Can I put a 5mm thick Hoya Pro 1 "thin" filter and a wideangle lens hood there without experiencing vignetting? The Pro 1 series has front threads and it's only 5mm thick...

3) What lens hood would you recommend? In 16:9 mode the focal length is equivalent to 41mm and with the W/A it becomes 22 mm.

I was thinking about some screw-on rubber lens hood.

4) I could also get an Even More Expensive B+H filter with even wider front threads (filter + step-up combo), but it wouldn't have as good coatings etc.

- I hate sunshine -

Tom Hardwick July 21st, 2004 10:28 AM

Answers, OK?

1) No. A filter - any filter, will increase the possibility and probability of flare. Use one as mechanical insurance protection only. You're right - the hood will help enormously.

2) You'll have to suck-it-and-see. Check the full frame (not the v/finder image or the TV) to see if it vignettes at full wide. Shoot test footage at small apertures for more critical testing (nearly impossible with the 950).

3) If possible, go for a shadowed, aspect ratio, deep lens hood. Screw on rubber is certainly better than nothing. For best results, shadow that front element (and any filter you've added is the front element, remember) at all times.

4) B & W filters have excellent coatings. What makes you think otherwise?


Ralf Strandell July 21st, 2004 12:57 PM

3) A shadowed, 16:9 lens hood for a focal length equiv. 22mm is very hard to find. At present I do not use any lens hood and the wide adaptors front threads are silver coloured(!). So any screw-on lens hood is a big improvement. Maybe the B+W rubber wide lens hood. I wonder if it is for a 22mm wide angle...

4) There was no mention of the coatings of the B+W filters on bhphotovideo.com. Some filters had MRC coatings while others had none mentioned. Also, B&H failed to report the thickness of the B+W filters. I prefer 5mm and I assume that filters are 7,5mm unless otherwise stated.

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