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Mike Tesh January 7th, 2003 08:02 PM

Sony TRV8, 9 and 10 analog recording?
Does anyone know if the Sony TRV8, TRV9 or TRV10 are capable of analog recording?

I'd like to get myself a cheaper 1 chip DV camera to play back my old DV tapes (as I currently don't have a camera) but I'd also like for it to be able to transfer stuff from my old VHS tapes and Video 8 tapes.

Jeff Donald January 9th, 2003 07:58 AM

Hi Mike,

I believe these are Digital 8 camcorders. To the best of my knowledge they only record in a Digital fashion and do not record an analog video signal. Many people use the Digital 8 cameras as a means of getting the analog signal into their computers for archiving on DVD, or for editing and recording back on to Digital 8.


Mike Tesh January 9th, 2003 08:02 AM

No all three of them are miniDV cameras.
As is the TRV11, TRV18, TRV 25 and TRV50.

But the three I listed first are older models. The TRV9 being the oldest of them all. Then being replaced by the TRV8 and 10 whose only major difference is the the TRV 10 has a memory stick slot whereas the TRV8 doesn't.

I know the three chip TRV900 was introduced just slightly after the TRV9 and The TRV900 does do analog recording (as do most D8 cameras) however the TRV8 and 10 came after the 900 so I'm curious if they have analog recording built in.

Granted the 900 is a more expensive camera. But sony seems like they were ahead of the game a long time ago. So if this ability was built into cheaper D8 cameras and the slightly more expensive TRV900 I would think the middle range DV cameras would have it as well. But I'm not sure.

A buddy of mine has the TRV9 and I'm going to test analog recording with his pretty soon. But as I said it is the oldest of the three I first mentioned so if it doesn't have it I'm still curious if the 8 and 10 do being slightly newer.

Jeff Donald January 9th, 2003 08:26 AM

You may have to do some digging. Here are two places you can download Sony instruction manuals in PDf format.




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