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Ross Warren February 14th, 2007 04:00 PM

mini DVCam vs. Mini DV Tapes
Hello one and all-

Here's my quandry...after consulting these boards to try and figure out what the grinding noise was coming from my PD150 I sent the cam to Sony for repair. They fixed it fine I guess, for 600.00...told me the heads were filthy, tape path filthy, etc (drum has just 130 hours)

When I purchased this PD150 a few months back, after deciding that my Canon GL2 had reached its limits, I continued to use the Panasonic Pro Quality DVM63PQ that I have used for years in all my other cams. Sony tells me in their return letter that I'm better off to use the 150 in DV Cam mode, as compared to mini-dv.

Maybe the previous owner was using consumer grade tapes and the change from Sony to Panasonic Pro tapes could be the culprit?

So, I am confused! The 150 shoots in both DV Cam mode and mini DV mode. I use mini DV promarily because I can shoot 63+ mins in mini DV mode, and let's face it, the tapes are much cheaper too. DV Cam mode gives me just 40 mins...and I can use another Sony mini DV cam for uploading to FCP.

So, the advice I am seeking is: Can I continue to use the Panasonic Pro mini DV tapes from here on in as I have always used, or shall I just get used to 40 min shooting times and higher expense, shooting the DV Cam mode and tapes? If the latter is the case, why is the cam available to shoot in both modes...confusing!

Compared to the GL2, this 150 is incredible, especially in low light venues! I just don't want to have to face another $600.00 to have the tape path cleaned!

I'd appreciate any and all suggestions and guidance -

Thanks very much -

Ross Warren

Don Bloom February 14th, 2007 04:55 PM

See my answer in the other thread.

BTW-your best off posting in only 1 place here-that way you'll know where to look for the answers.


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