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Neil McLean July 13th, 2003 05:41 AM

PD150 DoF
I was wondering if there is anyone out there that can give me some advice, or websites/links etc, that relate to Depth of Field.

I am new to videography, having recently bought a PD150 and would like to get to grips with the 'fundamentals' as I'm a newbie.

Any feedback regarding the above would be really appreciated.

Many thanks,

Mike Rehmus July 13th, 2003 07:36 PM


On a video camera, the DOF is pretty obvious and follows the normal optical 'rules.'

Not certain what you are looking for. The PD150 lens is not marked, as are many still-camera lens for not only aperature and distance so there are no DOF indications either.

You probably know the 'normal' truths about DOF so if you want to know more, a Google search should turn up more information than you ever wanted to know. I don't know where to find them, only how.

People do worry about DOF but normally only at the specific time it is a problem and then a quick look at the image tells you what you need to know. With the PD150, exact prediction is almost impossible except:

1. If you know the aperature (must be in manual aperature)
2. You know the distance to the subject.
3. You know the zoom ratio (which the PD150 does not show) So you have to estimate the focal length.

Once you know those three things (and the dimensions of the chips) you can calculate the DOF.

You must have a specific application that causes you to ask?

Welcome and have a pint for me.

Neil McLean July 15th, 2003 07:19 AM

Thanks Mike
Hi Mike,

Thanks for your feedback above.

I've only had my PD150 about 4 or 5 weeks and am still playing around with it. Since this is my first DVCAM, and I don't have any photographic experience, I have loads and loads to learn about camera craft. I am keen however to learn. I have taken onboard what you said about the 150 not having the markings on the camera, so I guess it's just a question of going out there and trying different things.

I do hope in time to be able to professionally shoot wedding and corporate events. To date, I have managed to take a friends footage from last summer, capture and edit with Vegas 4.0, then author a DVD-R c/w menus and addional music to complement the ambient sound etc.

Now that I have my camera, I'm not too sure what to shoot to give me experience. I feel it's a bit like someone asking you if you having any jokes! Any thoughts and suggestions would be really appreciated.

Many thanks and regards,

Mike Rehmus July 15th, 2003 09:32 AM

The solution to no experience is to go get some. Don't wait for someone to give you the opportunity.

There are lots of home-town, family and friends events that can be taped. I don't mean a casual stroll in with the camera rolling. I mean plan your work, execute to the plan, then edit it to a finished piece. Just as if you were being paid megabucks for the work.

Then show it around. Troll for comments. Especially negative comments. Ignore the, "Oh it's great," stuff. Unless you truly feel it is.

There are books, tapes, classes, and intern work to name a few ways of picking up information. Did I mention cinema classes at the nearest community college?

Early-on, I did a piece on my wife's flowers. Set to music with just simple slow dissolves and she likes it. It was a learning experience in DOF and wind and light.

Just go out and tape something. :-)

Neil McLean July 15th, 2003 10:19 AM

Thanks for the confidence Mike!

It's really picked me up again 8-)

Best wishes fae Scotland,

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