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Robert Martens December 15th, 2003 02:28 AM

2100 lens hood on 2000?
Howdy ho, ladies and gents! Most of you don't know me, but you will sooner or later.

But enough of that, I've got a question.

Does the new lens hood for the VX2100 fit the VX2000? I have a 2k, and the existing lens hood has been beaten to death--for reasons I shan't go into here--and I'd like to replace it. Having heard about the new, fancypants design for the 2.1k's (I know it sounds stupid calling that, I just hate to type the number 2100 too many times in a row) hood, with its integrated lens cap, I'd like one of those.

Think it'll fit? And any idea where I might get one, short of shelling out the cash for a brand new camera? Sony's website sells a lens hood that fits either camera, but it's not the one that's included with the 2100. I don't think it's even the one included with the 2000.

David Hurdon December 15th, 2003 06:25 AM

I asked the question elsewhere and have confirmed that it does fit, with the set screw slightly differently positioned, but haven't yet found a part number for ordering it. Someone suggested it would have to be available as a replacement part and therefore could be bought separately but you'd need the parts list. Sooner than later someone will come up with the answer.

David Hurdon

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