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Rusty Smith February 21st, 2004 01:04 PM

Low light and vx2100
Whats up guys.

Does anyone know how great of a difference the GL2 and VX2100 has (can any one post clips?!?!?) I am a college student looking to start shooting some short films. I have been going back an forth for a year or 2 now and i just can't make my mind up. I am looking for something very versatile b/c. It seems to me like these two cams are pretty close in nature in almost every aspect, except from what i have heard, in low light. There is almost a $700 difference (after rebate) between the two cameras.


Greg Wolfinger February 21st, 2004 03:48 PM

i was pretty much in the same boat that you are now. i am a college kid too filming some shorts and documenting the college lifestyle. i got a vx2100 and love it to death. the low light is really good for documentary "quick" filming where you can't control the light and don't have time to manually adjust the camera. the low light is far better than the gl2 in my opinion.

if you're going to always be setting up lighting rigs and what not, then the canon might be a better option since the sony is a bit more money. either camera i think you'll be happy with, but i would get the sony if you can swing the extra cash.

Alan Christensen February 21st, 2004 05:51 PM

I have a Canon Optura Pi, a VX2000, and a VX2100. The Optura Pi is very good in low light relative to many other sub $1000 camcorders, but it is horrible compared to the two VX's. I was amazed at how good a picture you can get in marginal lighting situations with the VX's. For my money, low light capability is a critical characteristic. I can't use the Optura Pi at a wedding reception because of the noisy, grainy footage that results. This is something that can't be fixed in post... Once I got my first VX-2000, I began to notice all the occasions when the low light came in handy. Weddings in dimly lit churches, the receptions, night football games, school performances where I waned to capture the facial expression of a child sitting in near darkness, ...

The VX-2000 also has some other characteristics that I find to be very useful. The custom presets allow me to tweak color level (saturation), hue, and exposure, while the camera stays fully automatic. The spotlight and backlit buttons are useful as well. I don't know whether the GL-2 has these features or not.

The only thing that I miss on the VX is the 20X zoom lens on the GL-2. There are situations when the 12X on the VX isn't quite enough.

Good luck with your decision. I'm sure you would like the VX if you can afford it.

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