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Law Tyler March 16th, 2004 06:25 PM

Get Your Super-Battery for DSR-250
Well, I have both the VX-2100 and DSR-250, always wish there is a battery that would go just as long as the 960 for the VX-2100 on the DSR-250, so that I never have to worry about battery running out (happened with the regular BP-L40).

I just got it!

The Sony BP-M100. NiMH instead of Li.

Some of us talked about it here, but nobody seems to own one.

This baby is 3 times the weight of the regular BP-L40, believe it when it imply it can go 8 hours or longer. 20% taller and 50% thicker, boy, this is a battery on steriod.

This thing is going to be on my DSR-250 all the time, from now on.

Too bad I just had a full day with my new BP-L60 for a 6-hour wedding (not taping all the time), and it worked out fine, used only 50% of the juice, according to the battery indicator.

But the new battery has much more weight, better counter-balance the camera, and NEVER run out before I do, ha, ha.

I rather have one of these than two of the standard BP-L40.

Jun Galinato March 16th, 2004 11:21 PM

I use Anton Bauer Hytron 120, more than 8 hours without using the LCD.

Law Tyler March 17th, 2004 07:02 AM

Good for you.

I never think of using the other brands as they seem to always require some kind of adaptor. If I am going to have several shoulder-mount cameras, then fine, worth the effort, but I probably will just have one in the long run.

I wouldn't touch NiCd also.

Now with the BL-P60 and BL-M100, I am set to do two weddings a day without worrying about batteries.

I had a couple incidents whereby the BL-P40 run out on me in the midst of an event. They should just give people the BL-M100 as the standard package instead of two BL-P40's.

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