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Michael Summers April 24th, 2004 01:00 PM

Vx2100, Dvc80
I am an indie filmmaker and ready to buy a new camera. What im wondering about, before i spend thousands of dollars, is which camera will give me the most bang. I heard the picture quality from the DVC80 is amazing, and surpasses the PD150. i don't know if thats true. but is it good in low light conditions as the 2100 is? We wont be using many light other than natural (but we will sometimes rent) so will the VX2100 put the DVC80 to shame in this catagory? Becuase the DVC is about 300 less than the vx2100, i can spend that money wisely on other accessories. I have written a script of which i think will run about 40 minutes, and need it to look as good as possible. so, of the three, PD150, panasonic DVC80, and VX2100, which is for me?

Tom Hardwick April 24th, 2004 01:12 PM

1) There's not a camera to beat the VX/PD range when it comes to low light performance. The big 1/3" low noise HAD chips and the fast lens means Sony is king of this island.

2) The PD150 has been replaced by the PD170, did you know or are you talking of a second hand 150?

3) Picture quality is a fuzzy term. I can bet that an experienced cameraman can get 'better picture quality' from a cheepie $500 Sanyong than a newbie can get from a DVX100A. Getting the exposure right, using the ND filters and understanding that tripods are the greatest 'sharpening' tool ever invented sees to that.

4) The $300 saving could well be put to good use. You might get an average to good mic or a so-so wide-angle converter, but in the great scheme of things you won't have a VX2k1.

5) To your list. PD150 every time. PD170 if you can afford it, because one thing is certain. As an indie filmmaker sound will be every bit as important as the picture.


Michael Summers April 24th, 2004 01:29 PM

i am talking about pd150, second hand. thats the problem: its second hand! no warranty, ill have to find a reliable one i guess. thanks for the advice! i know about exposure and filters, i have hours of experience with the vx2000 and i like the quality, but i dont think its that shap even when i adust settings. i have not experimented with the PD150.

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