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Ian Thomas February 6th, 2005 04:19 AM

tvr900 match pd170
Sorry if this has been on a thread before,

For weddings will a sony TVR 900 be a good 2nd camera for my pd 170, to be mounted on a tripod at the back of the church, their seems to be a few around on ebay at the moment, would it be a good move.

Mike Rehmus February 6th, 2005 11:13 AM

Unless the church is dark in which case, I found they don't match because of their elevated video noise levels at low light. Otherwise, they are a reasonable match.

James Connors February 9th, 2005 05:55 AM

i agree, outside you'll get a much better match than inside due to the low light abilities of the 170 far outperforming the 900.

i have a 150 and a 950 which i sometimes use side by side, which works nicely. on sunday i'll be using an all sony array (looking like a trv950, pd150 and pd250 (or maybe a vx2000)) which given the right lighting should mix really well. if someone brings the xl1s with them tho, christ thats gonna be fun in post :P

Jeff Toogood February 9th, 2005 07:22 AM

I just picked up a TRV900 on ebay and plan to use it with my PD170.

I know it's not the best in low light, but it is rated higher than the 950 & PDX-10 in that regard.

I plan on using it much the same way you do. A locked down cam for wedding ceremonies.

Ian Thomas February 9th, 2005 01:16 PM

Thanks for all your replys

Iam keeping a eye on a pd100 and a tvr900, i owned the 900 and later the 950in the past and found that i much prefered the 900, i found that the 950 was a step back.


how do you plan to use the 900? locked down in the back of the church, and do you plan on useing it at the reception, are you like me a one man band! if so you might have some useful tips,

I sometimes struggle to be in the right place at the right time.

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