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Dave Ambrose February 17th, 2005 09:08 AM

vx2100 mic tips?
I have several commercial projects that requires dialogue from an actor. 2 -3 minute spots. I have not had a reason to record audio with my vx2100 untill now, and I can't afford a beachtek and mic this week.

Does anyone have any tips for getting decent audio with this cam. While shooting or in post. I am shooting outside, probably urban type setting.

Thanks, Dave

Mike Rehmus February 17th, 2005 10:17 AM

You can't get there from here without an external microphone. You must capture good audio and you cannot (almost never) fix audio in post.

Where the microphone is attached to the camera, unless you are doing an extreme closeup, especially outdoors, the audio is going to be of low volume (the part you want) and the external noises (like wind) are probably going to dominate the soundtrack.

My advice is to get some of the $ in advance and get your Beachtek and microphone, most of us operated that way as a normal way to do business. I usually get 1/2 up front.

Laurence Kingston February 17th, 2005 11:11 PM

I like the Studio 1 BP instead of the Beachtek:


Slightly cheaper and it mounts on your belt instead of screwing to the camera.

They also have a less expensive model without the balancing transformers. Good if you have short cable runs (25ft or so), don't need a line in, and aren't in an electrically noisy environment. That is to say that most of the time they work just fine:


Another option that most people don't think about is the Sony PD-100 hotshoe to XLR adapter. Only one XLR input but it's phantom powered and has a switchable pad. I got mine used on eBay for about $50, but supposedly you can get them new here:

Sony Professional Parts at 800-538-7550. Askfor the PD100 XLR assembly, part # A7094044A ($181.95)

If you're doing documentary type stuff and you just want a better on camera mic, the new Rode VideoMic is extremely cool. I've got one and I just love it. It's comparable to the Sennheiser MK-300, but shock mounted, better sounding, and only around $150. I use mine with a Rycote MiniWindjammer Special 160 which fits it quite well.

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