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Dave Largent May 1st, 2005 04:56 AM

Really need some advice about Mack warranty trouble
Sent in a 2100 with a couple bad pixels to Mack.
Cam is outside the 90 day sales period but inside
the one year period. Sent along a diagram of
where the pixels are located and at what
shutter speed they appear. Mack sent the cam back
saying two techs had looked at it on the LCD
and on a monitor and could see no problem.
The problem is obvious at 1/30th and below
on the LCD and on a monitor
when aimed at a dark area! The pixels are
recorded onto tape as white spots.
You can see them on the LCD. You can see
them when plugged into a TV through RCA,
when the cam is pointed into a darker corner
of the room.
You can see them on the recorded tape when pulled
into an NLE. And they're always in the same
I could post a picture and everyone could see
What do I do now? This is a major bummer,
and first shows itself to a minor degree
at 1/60th, getting worse as the shutter speed
gets lower.

P.S. If there's some way to upload pictures
here, taken from imported stills, I could
do so and it would be obvious.

Mike Rehmus May 1st, 2005 09:42 AM

Insist on speaking with a manager about the problem and send the package addressed to them.

Make the print, document the conditions and send them with the camera.

Don't accept their position. Get very pushy if necessary.

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