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Mark Johnson May 13th, 2005 06:09 PM

Lens hood/filters problem
This is my first post! On a hiking trip in the mountains, I found conditions to be so bright that sometimes stacking a graduated ND filter and polarizing filter produced the best result with the vx2000 I had at the time. I'm going to purchase a vx2100 or pd170 and bring it with me on another hiking trip this summer. Given that the vx2100/pd170 lens hood only accommodates one filter (some polarizers won't even fit) and I'd like to have a fairly compact set up that will fit in a backpack (ruling out large matte boxes), what set up should I get? I've looked at matte boxes, matte bloxes, cokin holders/hoods, step up ring/filters/hood parts, etc. on the web but don't know which solution might work best for this application. I don't need to use a wide angle lens. I would like to avoid vignetting and be able to rotate the polarizer. Maybe the solution is the wide angle lens hood that comes with the pd170. Does this hood allow the use of more than one filter with the normal lens? Is there enough room in this hood without the wide angle lens for the use of a small step up ring and filters? Is there enough room to stick a finger in the hood to rotate the polarizer? Can the wide angle hood be used with the normal lens without vignetting (I've read conflicting information on this point). Are there other solutions that would be better? Thanks for your help!

Wayne Orr May 14th, 2005 11:55 AM

Just another trick you might try. Up the shutter speed. This will suck up some of that extra light. Experiment with it before you invest in any expensive gear.

Andzei Matsukevits May 14th, 2005 07:09 PM

i have actually same problem, need to block some in coming light.
I think cheapest kind of mattebox is this: http://cinetactics.com/mb100m.php?source=google

It small and fit in your backpack, but you cant rotate 4x4 filters though

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