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Jason Kunz July 2nd, 2005 07:31 PM

Advice, please!
Hello everyone. I've got this issue thats been killing me for quite some time now, and I want some peoples advice on what to do. The issue i speak of is one of the 'which camera to buy' variety. You see, I'm a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and i want to get either a VX1000 or 2000. I figure that I just want a camera for making my school projects and other fun little clips. Here's how things are leaning toward VX1000: First, I absolutely love the daylight color. No other DV camera in its price range can replicate its look, which I am a huge fan of. Plus, its low cost will allow me to buy other things like a shotgun mic and a Bescor 50/100 light. I know about its 12 bit sound and its no LCD downfalls, but to me, the end result is worth it. But the VX2000, I like its low light ability and extremely nice viewfinder. But I'm not as crazy over the daylight colors as i am with the VX1000. The catch is, my roommate has a VX2000. The way we do things is, if either one of us needs to use each others' equipment (I used to have a GL2,) we lend each other whatever the other needs. So I think of it as this - If I get a vx1000, it seems I'm opening more doors for ourselves by getting a camera that's different, that has separate pros and cons. If I'm shooting a project where the VX1000 has trouble, I can always use my buddy's 2000, or I can just check out a cam like a DVX100 from my school. So it's pretty much like having a luxury camera, but maybe I'm thinking about it way too much? What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Tom Hardwick July 5th, 2005 01:29 AM

I think get the 2000. The 1000 is getting on a bit now and as Sony's first generation had a few 'foibles'. You can always tweak the 2000's colour in the custom presets, and the low light, 16 bit, side-screen and so on make it a much better cam in my view. Don't bother with the VX2100 - Sony actually made the v'finder worse!


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