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Charles French February 8th, 2003 07:11 PM

camera functions?
Just got a vx2k and trying to fool with manuel settings. To say I know little is an understatement. I'm somewhat confused with the menu and where to set what in manuel. I have my auto lock in manuel as well as focus. What i'm unsure of is AE function, guideframe and progressive scan.

What about frame rec, Int rec, and remain? oh and ltr size and oh yeah color bars? hehe

I told you so! Wish they'd write a user manuel that was understandable.
So if anyones bored and wanna give this a shot I'd appreciate any help.

Mike Rehmus February 8th, 2003 09:51 PM

Try this site for a lot of good info. They have a specific 150 section which will help quite a bit although the 2 cameras are not identical.


Turn on the guideframe so you know where the 1/3 points are in the field of view. You will probably not require progressive scan or any AE function. The 2000 shutter, aperature and gain functions all have to be in manual mode before you have true manual exposure. If you have only one or two in manual, the camera will still set the exposure. Place 15 seconds to one minute of bars on the beginning of each tape. That allows the person editing the footage to easily set up the color.

The manual stinks in most Sony products. This one is no exception. Most people just start experimenting. That will work but it helps if one has enough experience to tell what changes with each menu selection.

I suggest you read all of the postings on this forum plus those on as many other forums as you can find. Usually, every gotcha in the camera is discussed at one time or another.

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