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Anthony Robson September 11th, 2006 01:15 AM

VX2100:UK airports
I wanted to buy a VX2100, upgrading from my VX1000. But I've hung on to see what the size restrictions on carry-on luggage would be when everything settled down.

The new security measures at Heathrow have now limited carry-on baggage to 1 piece of luggage. This looks set to be in place for the forseeable future.
The maximum dimensions in centimetres are 16x35x45 (W x H x L). I looked up the size of the VX2100 and it seems to exceed these. Can someone confirm that?

Are you all trusting your camera to the Hold? If so, how are you protectioning it?


Mike Rehmus September 11th, 2006 10:16 AM

That is smaller than the size to which we are restricted in the US. But that's still a good sized carry-on. The VX and PDs should easily fit inside a carry-on of that size and leave space for some padding I think. In fact I'd say you could carry the camera, charger, batteries and some other goodies.

I recently returned from the East coast of the US with a backpack (that is within our size restrictions) that contained not only a digital SLR still-camera but 3 strobes, lens, and all the accessories and a laptop computer and its accessories.

Other than having to pull the computer and camera out of the backpack for examination, there was no problem.

Perhaps you can use another airport other than Heathrow for now?

Anthony Robson September 14th, 2006 01:17 AM


The restrictions applied to all UK airports. I say applied because they've just announced yesterday that they'll be easing restrictions next week. I'm waiting to see what the new carry on size will be. I had just bought a backpack - Lowepro mini trekker - for my VX1000 that conformed to the previous allowed size when they changed everything. I'm hoping the mini trekker will be within new allowable size although I don't know if the VX2100 will fit it. I've read that it won't. Certainly the VX1000 is a tight squeeze.

Thanks for your reply.

Georg Liigand September 16th, 2006 07:59 AM

Just after the London events happened in August, I had arrived in Las Vegas from Eastern Europe with all my VX2100 equipment + tripod and stuff. When I came back via Frankfurt, I had one of the most sophisticated checks there. They asked me to go to special check with my camera bag and they tested the VX2100 with some detector which was probably for explosives.

I don't really think you will have troubles with taking the cam to hand-luggage. Even if the sizes exceed the limits a bit, they are not going to measure your bag anyway and the overhead lockers are usually a lot bigger than the size checking things.

I certainly wouldn't trust it to the luggage.

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