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Michael Gilbert October 22nd, 2006 09:41 AM

Any tips for music video with vx2100
Hey all im going to be shooting a music video in a few months, in pre production stages atm planning out shots, but was wondering if anyone had tips on shooting. Its a rap video and Im pretty sure they want shots of partys and their cars. Im going to try and get ahold of a polarization filter and a Diffusion filter, and hopefully a wide angle lens. Anyone know what level wide angle i should use? I want to get a good wide angle distortion but do not obvious fish eye effect(ex the picture is a circle with black around edges)

I am also wondering whats the best way to sync up sound with video. the vx2100s do not imprint timecodes. I was thinking of having a pa with the cd track playing loudly while filming so that the artists can lip sing or sing along with it so i can have it match the studio track. any tricks on having somewhat easy sync.

Also, anyone have any dos and donts when doing a music video. I know there will be int and ext shots, hopefully it will be an overcast day and I will avoid shooting midday to reduce strong shadows. I will have lights but they will just be some halogen work lights, ill have some posterboard black and white for flags and to bounce light. Gonna have some sheets for diffusion.

Its a paying gig but im going to be charging a minimal fee due to still being in school and primarily being inexperienced. Hopefully they will have people for crowd control etc because my crew is going to be 3 max maybe 2 including myself.

I will probably need some kind of camera mounts for cars or whatnot, Dont have those either and will either have to engineer them because probably cannot afford to rent proffessional ones.....any ideas for alternatives or links to some plans for different mounts that are trustworthy ona car.

Does anyone know of a decent way to achieve a slow motion on the vx2100 so you dont have that jerky feel when you do it in post.

anyways i have more questions and will post if someone has some knowledge they are willing to bestow upon a young filmaker. Gonna play around with my camera some more today working on getting good control over my dof and different things.

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