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Bryan Beasleigh March 31st, 2003 07:07 PM

Best alternative for hood / filter holder
I had answered a post below about a shade for the kenko .65 WA adapter, but this topic goes beyond that.

I (and a lot of other people) need a set of filters that will work on either of a number of lenses (ie standard lens, WA adapter and possibly tele).

I would like a matt box but the prices are obscene. I was looking at the various rectangular or square filter holders and discovered a whole herd of possibilities for a lot less money than a natt box.

Both lee and cokin have a square filter system. The lee has what appears to be the most robust setup. The lee is a 4"x4" (4X6 for graduated).
The Cokin P filter is 83mm (3 1/4") and the X pro is 118mm (4.6")

Lee makes filter holders that can hold filters in a stationary position or rotate. Lee makes adapters that allow the use of the P filter in the 4X4 frame. They also make a frame that will hold the Cokins.

Lee and Cokin make a premium bellows lens shade for use with there lens holders.

Lee make a standard and a wide angle folding bellows type shade. they also make one for the Cokin P filters.

The lee shades can be used alone, without the holders and the shades can be bought with a built in one or two slot holder

Several holders can be ganged to allow for multiple rotating filters

The Lee Wide Angle lens shade comes with none, one or two 4x4" filter slots and costs $220 to $230 US
You will also need a Lee 82 mm Adapter ring which is around $68-$70 US. The standard shade comes in the same configuration and costs between $95 and $118.

You can also buy polarizing filters that come in a 4" square frame but rotate.

I'm planning on mounting a standard bellows and buying a double filter holder(rotating). I could mount the shade by itself when not using the 4X4 filters.

All of this is supposition. Hopefully someone with experience with these products can chime in.

Kevin Lee October 15th, 2003 09:19 PM

Any update on this?
Any update on this?

I am looking for a well-priced shade/filter system for my pd150 with and without a wide-angle adaptor (e.g. Canon WD58)

Anyone have the Lee setup or others?


Bryan Beasleigh October 16th, 2003 12:52 AM

I wound up going with a cavision 4x4 matte box and have been happy with it so far. I also bought a rubber lens hood for my Wide angle lens for those times when i don't require the deep shade or a filter. Do some serches on the topic, it was talked about a fair bit.

Cavision have a 3x3 and a 4x4 matte box. The 3x3 is cost effective, but you'd be limited to a max wide angle of .65. Vignetting would start to be a problem after that point.

The 4x4 comes in either hard shell or bellows.

Like I said do a search. if you have any questions email me at beasleigh@eudoramail.com.

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