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Adam Reuter August 11th, 2008 03:44 AM

Picture Profile vs. Post-Production Color Grading
I'm working on a film in which is very much in the style of American Graffiti or Rebel Without a Cause. We'd like to get the look of the 2-perf Techniscope film stock from the 70's era inside the EX1. So I've lowered the detail (still experimenting on WHICH setting is a good balance between too soft and too sharp), and desaturated the colors a bit. But the gamma and matrix settings are what's giving me the toughest problems. Does anyone have any suggestions?

And I'm really liking the look of 1/32 shutter vs. 1/48. Is there any reason I shouldn't use it? It seems to dampen the stobiness of 24p a lot more.

Normally I shoot with Bill Ravens' Tru Color picture profile which gives neutral settings out of the EX1. My question is should I shoot with the picture profile I'm trying to develop OR should I shoot neutral and use someone like Film FX or Magic Bullet?

This is the one subject I wish the Vortex Media DVD would have covered a lot more in depth or for that matter Sony's manual.

Simon Wyndham August 11th, 2008 04:41 AM

Purely personal preference.

Sometimes the best way is to go half and half so that you can pull back the look in post, or if you really want to commit use post to push the look even more.

The trouble with using a look in-camera is that it isn't guaranteed to give the right effect in all lighting conditions, whereas if you grade in post you can really tailor everything to each shot.

But half and half might be the way to go.

Abdulla Nadym August 11th, 2008 06:25 AM

I agree to that. Based on my experience its best to try & get the most out of the 'dynamic' range capability of the camera as in try to avoid 100% over exposure & underexposure. By doing so you have a good range to manipulate to the footage in post to a great extent without dmaging it. So i try not to tweak the built in setting 'so much' i try to keep it inbween.

I use a PP by BILL (thanks to Bill Ravens). Looks great for that semi-soft filmic dense look. You could search it through www.vimeo.com. It gives me good pictures with common lighting conditions & has the depth for CC & effects in post.

Hope that helps

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