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Marty Welk June 28th, 2010 03:13 PM

Does the Clip Browser on PC preview MXF files?
After converting a XD-Cam mp4 files over using the first option "MFX for NLE" i can not view or preview the files in the clip browser.
after spending another hours of my life reading through the manuel for the thing, which basically says that i should be able to still see them , and preview them, I cannot even get them to show up in the explorer window.

to me this type of thing is occuring regular with this STUFF (various hair pulling curse words removed :-)

1) isnt the MXF change here just a re-wrap of the file? so whats the problem, rediculous is what it is.

2) since when did DE-Coding a codec cause so much problems, and not be avilable to the public , or even to the users ? WHY cant we get an installable windows codec for a stupid MP4 format , even if it is a decode only codec? without paying some $100 for one that works only in Quickslime.

---- then it gets all ranty i guess because i have spent 2 more days working with more "SoftWare" that was programmed by a monkey ----

3) has it not been long enough with all thier HD stuff that some of it should work quickly and correctally by now. editors that can barely even display thier video,, downcoding that is worse looking than free software.
The USERS are setting the trend for ACCEPTANCE of some really poorly done things, and worse not only paying Hundreds apon hundreds of dollers for stuff that barely functions , then proceed to DEFEND this junk in the forums. i really dont think that is how progress with barly operational stuff will occur.

i have about 30 things I "would like to see" done to this "HD" editing nighmares to make it survivable , but every search for these issues and problems only reveals some "expert" telling people (worldwide basically) that everything is fine, its supposed to be that way, it is going to stay that way, it has been that way for ages, and the foolish user must learn to live with it and pay for it. How can anyone expect that the workflow and access of the video will return to a usable quick smart way to do things over TAPE which took 1/30th of the time, when what we got now is "fine" it aint.

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