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Shawn Sutherland December 8th, 2010 04:17 PM

Can't capture from Sony EX1 -> MX02/Max(SDI In) @ 1080p@24
Hi all:

I prevously used a Blackmagic declink/SDI card to capture from my EX1 XDCAM -using the "uncompressed"/"raw" (HD/SDI Out) BNC connector. The decklink would only capture at 1080i@59.9 Hz uncompressed AVI (v210) format. It wasn't that bad, but I wanted MORE!

So, I went out and bought a Matrox MX02 le with MAX becuase I wanted to capture uncompressed SDI-out 10-bit at 1080p x 24 fps (NTSC).

Instead, the only way I could see the output of the Sony EX1 via the SDI-In of the MX02 was by setting the "Project Format" to 720p@59,94 fps.

What am I doing wrong here?

Has anyone else experienced this problem using a Sony EX1 (SDI-Out to MX02 SDI-In) ?

Regards, and thanks ahead for any feedback/help you can offer.


Andrew Stone December 10th, 2010 04:40 PM

Sounds like RAW capture is only supported at what are considered TV broadcast settings. Have you combed through the MX02 manual to see what framerate/settings are allowed for capture, particularly raw?

Barry J. Anwender December 10th, 2010 08:21 PM

Shawn, I cannot speak to the MX-02, however I do own a Blackmagic Multibridge Extreme converter which among other things is capable of accepting SDI-HD signals of 10-bit 422 origin. It predates your Decklink card by several years. I have had no difficulty what so ever to capture SDI-HD 10-bit 422 video signals from my EX3-SDI port---same as your EX1-SDI port. The RAW video is stunning and by far superior to the native Long-GOP 35MBs stuff that appears on Sony's SxS cards.

In my 8 year experience with Blackmagic and their Multibridge product, all I can say is that their drivers and support are outstanding. I'm pretty certain that your DecLink card is capable of capturing every format and framerate that the EX1/3 is capable of generating from the EX SDI-HD port. The avi format is not what I would choose to judge the EX1/3 SDI-HD video quality. The avi format is a Microsoft creation which is now dated and has not kept up with advances in HD codec technology. Check out wikipedia.org, search the avi video format to get a better understanding of its limitations which for starters is 8-bits.

As mentioned above, review the Decklink manual and the latest current drivers, if your still having trouble contact Blackmagic support, who will respond within 24hrs to your e-mail request for support. Hang-in there and Cheers!

Gerald Loidl December 11th, 2010 07:21 PM

The EX1 is outputting a 24psf signal via the SDI port. You will have to set the Matrox MXO2 to the according preset. I just tried on mine and set it to "Matrox MXO2 - 1080 PsF 23.98 YUV 10-bit" and it works without a problem. Make sure that "Scale Input for Capture" is deselected in the system preferences. I too have the Matrox MXO-Le and it works like a charm - its only important to know that the EX1 cant output a real progressive signal via HD-SDI. Im on a MacPro with FCP.
In 24P mode you can set the EX1 to either output a 60i signal or a 24Psf signal - you can change that in the menu. You will then have to set the Matrox accordingly as well.

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