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Dominik Kosicki January 25th, 2011 12:52 PM

Faulty BP-U60 battery... need a favour from someone in the states
The battery i bought last june stopped working about 1-2 months after i got it.
It shows that it's charged but it doesnt work when sticked into the ex1. When put into charger the led light blinks orange/green. I bought the battery in B&H, but I live in Ireland...
b&h sends me to sony uk, or irish/uk dealers - they send me to sony usa as they say that the warranty doesnt cover it in europe. so, after contacting sony usa they forwarded me to Teaneck service center in NJ, but saying that i'll need an american address to put in the forms so they can send it back after repair / replacement, as they wont ship it to europe.
So what i'm asking here is, if someone would be kind enough and wouldnt mind forwarding the battery to me after getting it back from the service? Of course i'll cover all the costs and expenses.
Would really appreciate it!
Unless someone knows how to fix it / if it's fixable?!

Dan Gunn January 25th, 2011 02:56 PM


I can help you out. Contact me at :
info at AtlantaVisual dot com


Olof Ekbergh January 26th, 2011 11:33 AM

I had one of the Sony batts stop working for a while. I kept putting it on the charger over night. Sometimes a week or so between tries. Finally it just charged normally and started working.

My battery was showing no led's on the batt when tested. But behaved like yours blinking and even making charger beep slightly.

Keep trying. Just check every once in a while that the batt is not getting hot.

It is my understanding that Sony has no warranty at all on their batts.

But if it is brand new they should replace it.

Dominik Kosicki January 26th, 2011 06:08 PM

Yeap - exact the same thing - mine beeps annoyingly (is that a word?) as well.
i tried to charge it few times, but because i have a charger in my bedroom i couldnt stant the noise,
so didnt leave it for more then 10-30mins.

Thanks Dan! I really do appreciate it! I will give it one more go, i just put it in different room and will try to charge it overnight for a few night so hopefully i wont have to bother you with it! Thanks again!

from what i know they just replace them if its on a warranty, but obviously they need to get them first ;/

Now lets hope that it will work!

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