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Jeroen Wolf April 13th, 2016 09:37 AM

Center scan on the FS7?
Up untill now I've shot 4K with the FS7 but I have a job upcoming and will shoot HD. I'd like to use the Center Scan mode...

Can someone explain the different modes: there is a choice of 2K Full and 2K Center.

Is 2K Center a 100% crop and thus doubling the range of the lens?

What does the 2K Full do?

Any caveats/things to be aware of when shooting center scan?


Chad Johnson April 14th, 2016 10:46 AM

Re: Center scan on the FS7?
I have an FS5, and center scan generally looks great. It's better looking than Clear Image Zoom. Normal HD takes the full sensor (4K) and squeezes it down to HD, which looks a bit better than just an HD sensor. Sort of like shooting in 4K and editing it on a 1080p timeline. Your 8 bit 4k footage actually becomes 10 bit HD on an HD timeline, but I digress. As for center scan it is a real, pixel for pixel 1080 image. I tend to shoot in HD, then when I need a bit more reach, punch into Center Scan. I put Center Scan onto one of the buttons on my handle so I can get to it quickly. Remember that you cant click into it while recording though.

This may or may not help, but it's a little test I did for myself to see what CS like like against Clear Image Zoom.

Jeroen Wolf April 15th, 2016 03:16 AM

Re: Center scan on the FS7?
Thanks Chad. After a quick test myself I went ahead and used it with the Canon 24-105 (+ Speedbooster).

I shot a speaker at the long end -making it 210mm- and upped the gain to 6DB to shoot at f5.6. There is definite softness but my eyes have gotten used to 4K, which is kind of deceptive when you're back shooting HD. The footage is useable.

I could have used my Canon 70-200 f4 but being a one man band and running around to catch all the action, I can't deal with the hassle of carrying and changing lenses. The 24-105 with the Booster did really well.

I tried to find some info on the Full Scan mode on the FS7 but came up with nothing. It's probably not that interesting for most shooters but I'm still curious as to what it does.

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