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Mike Watson May 9th, 2016 04:19 PM

Missing timelapse files

At a conference a few months ago, I shot a ton of stuff over 4 days. A few (very few) of those clips were timelapse files. The edit is finished and they didn't include the timelapse. I inquired as to why and no one had seen it. On further investigation, the files didn't make it on to the edit system. I loaded the raw cards and the timelapse files aren't on there either. I recall the date and time I shot them, and surrounding that, I can see clip 128, 129, 130... then we skip 131 (the timelapse), and at 132 we have the shots I took after the lapse. Looked both in the file structure and via Catalyst Browse. Even searched files for anything that had "131" in it. Nothing.

What happened to these files?

Mike Watson May 9th, 2016 06:03 PM

Re: Missing timelapse files
I record simultaneously on both slots - A and B. 64GB in A and 256GB in B. We edit off the 64GB card and the 256GB card stays in the camera as a backup. By some miracle the 256 card from March had not been re-formatted or re-used yet, and the timelapse shots were there right in order on the B card.

Why they are not recorded on the A card I have no idea. Luckily we still had the B card.

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